Murals bring hotel lobby to life

Mural artist Younger Caudron of Joussard, left, sits by the mural Spirit Wolf he painted at Days Inn in High Prairie. Hotel general manager Linda Maure, right, admires the mural.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Cultural and natural beauty is enhancing a High Prairie hotel.

Two large murals welcome guests to Days Inn, thanks to a vision of the general manager and skills of a Metis artist from Joussard.

Spirit Wolf is the title of the main mural that measures 16 feet wide by 8 feet high, painted by Younger Caudron.

“When you walk into the main entrance from outside, that’s the first thing you see,” says general manager Linda Maure, also Metis.

“What I envisioned is happening.

“I’ve always loved murals.”

Her dream for the main mural came in August 2019 as she was planning to upgrade the lobby.

“I wanted it to tie in with the tipi and the Indigenous culture of the area.”

Caudron is completing a second mural Eagle Sisters – Cloud Dancers in space above the main entrance that includes a tipi.

That mural was not part of the original project.

Together, the murals are drawing rave reviews.

“Everyone who sees the murals are just in awe,” Maure says.

“Lots of people are delighted that the murals were created and painted by a local artist.”

Caudron started both murals on Sept. 7 and completed Spirit Wolf on Nov. 2.

He plans to finish Eagle Sisters – Cloud Dancers by Nov. 15.

A fountain will also be placed in front of the Spirit Wolf, Caudron says.

Sound and sight of the running water will add more life to the mural.

Soon after Maure approached him to create the main mural, he went to work.

“She knew she wanted a mural with a waterfall, a wolf and mountains,” Caudron says.

“The colours in the mural were inspired by the colours of the Days Inn logo.”

As he thought about the mural, the title came to him, he says.

“I feel highly privileged and honoured to do what I love to do,” Caudron says.

Last spring, he completed a mural in the gallery at the High Prairie and District Museum.

“I started to do murals in the community about two years ago,” Caudron says.

He began painting murals at the North Country Fair in the early 2000s, he says.

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