Your H.P.

We would like to try to make, on this page, a collection of pictures and artwork that showcases your view of High Prairie and the surrounding Big Lakes County area.
To do this, we’re going to need your help! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, not hard 😉

What we need from you is photos, paintings, drawings, anything that we can post here in picture form and that shows something about your unique view of life in our area. There’s no age limit so childrens’ artwork is totally welcome and encouraged. The idea is to create a page that shows the beauty, fun, and diversity of life here in our Northern Alberta community from the various perspectives of the people who live here.

So send us landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, action shots, people pics, weather, animals, whatever you feel is a part of your life here, and let’s see where our project takes us!

To submit photos or scanned artwork, please fill in the form below and use the ‘Choose File’ button to attach your file. Unfortunately the file size cannot exceed 5MB so you may need to resize the photo to make the file smaller. If not, feel free to bring it in to our office and we can scan or upload it here.

Please note: we will not use any of the submitted pictures anywhere other than this project without the express, credited permission of the author.