Year of learning begins at Joussard School

Nya Willier reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Nya Willier
Joussard Reporter

Hello, my name is Nya Willier and I will be bringing you our first school report of the new school year. Everyone is excited to be back to school, especially to see friends.

When I asked our kindergarten students what they had been doing in school, they let me know they are learning to come in after recess and to wash their hands before they eat. Those are very good things to learn! The little kids also told me they were having fun playing freeze tag.

In Grade 1 the students were so excited about a game their teacher had set up for them. It was a Minute to Win It game where they had to use their mouths to pick as many worms [straws] out of the dirt [chocolate pudding] as possible in one minute. This was so much fun, and tasty too!

The students in Grade 2 reported they have been playing Bunny Bunny in P.E. As you can imagine, this involved a lot of hopping.

Students in Grade 3 informed me they are learning about their world, what they want to work as when they grow up, and are drawing self portraits.

Our students in Grade 4 told me they are learning all about Alberta in Social Studies. In P.E., they are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with their bodies. This would be interesting to watch! In Cree class they are writing about their families.

In Grade 5, the students are filling special containers with things they like and love. This helps all of the students get to know each other better. In Science, they are learning about static electricity.

And, in Grade 6, our students are painting self portraits. Some of these are showing incredible talent! This class also reported they are having a great time playing tag and dodgeball in P.E.

Everyone was looking forward to our open house Sept. 11. People played a bingo-type game where they roamed around, matching people to descriptions. Along with snacks and prizes, it was lots of fun!

Thanks for reading my report. Please plan to do so all year long. Next week I will introduce our two new teachers to you.

During the Minute to Win It game, Grade 1 student Kree-Dance Willier managed to move five ‘worms’ out of the ‘dirt’ in one minute and is now finding the dirt to be very tasty!

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