Wonderful world of science explored at HPE

Leah Thompson

Leah Thompson
HPE Reporter

This is Leah with the High Prairie Elementary School news for this week’s South Peace News report.

The HPE students and staff had a great time watching and participating in fun, loud experiments. On April 30, HPE enjoyed a presentation by the Alberta Science Network. The ASN brings science to life, and gets kids excited about science. Mesmor- izing experiments were performed with student volunteers to assist.

To encourage scientific literacy throughout Alberta, ASN bring students and teachers together with trusted experts who share their real-life knowledge and experiences in a live interactive format.

The students in Grade 5C are working on creating a book with their 2CL reading buddies. The book is about same and different. After interviewing their partners, 5C students typed up the information. The next step is to have each 2CL buddy illustrate the pages with their 5C buddy. After that the books will be coiled and placed in our school library where lots of great authors are! The last step is to go with our buddies to the library and read our books! Our amazingly wonderful students are learning to write detailed descriptive sentences using creative adjectives.

In Grade 4S, students made clay pottery with Joyce Hunt. In Math, they are understanding, creating and identifying symmetry in the classroom and in the real world. In Science, students are busy observing their class Venus Fly Trap; studying other parts with special and unique needles.

Students in Grade 3Z are excited to be learning about animal life cycles in Science. They are refining their multiplication skills and learning about division in Math. In P.E., they are learning and practicing soccer skills and looking forward to playing soccer in the field soon!

Grade 5P students got the opportunity to visit some sweet baby ducklings this week. Thanks to Kyle Robinson for letting us enjoy your little guys for a bit! So sweet!

The Grade 5 students will be going on their last Land-Based Learning this week. They are taking a wagon ride down the historic trail in Sucker Creek. The students are very excited to ride in the wagon and learn more about the First Nations history in our area. We’ll show you pictures next week.

Have a great week and check in with us after the break to see what’s happening at HPE!

Grade 4D student Kaitlyn Senkoe, left, participates in an experiment with an Alberta Science Network staff member April 30.

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