We will not be discouraged

I heard late last week that some loser or gang of losers pulled a bunch of flowers from the planters along the walking trails at Jaycee Park.

Way to go, you bunch of losers! Hope you got your jollies!

What a sick mind you have! What sort of perverse pleasure do you possibly get from destroying the property of others? Get help, for God’s sake!

And who in the world are your parents? I don’t care whether you’re an adult or not. Did you not learn anything about decency and morality while growing up? How about leaving property that is not yours alone? How difficult is that to learn? Even four-year-olds can be taught that, you simpleton!

What a high you must have been on, you loser, when you pulled each flower. Were you laughing? Did it bring joy to your life?

What a scumbag of society you’ve become! Lock yourself in a room and think about what you did. Are that desperate for a thrill that you had to do what you did?

Lord thunder and lightning!

Years ago, the same thing occurred. Town staff hid in the bushes waiting for some losers to come along and caught them red-handed.

I hope the same occurs this time. Instead of the useless court system we have, where these vermin of society get nothing but a slap on the wrist from our judges, perhaps a little old-fashioned vigilante justice is in order to teach these brats a lesson. I can’t print what I’d like to do if I was a judge and sentenced these petty criminals.

There! Have I been politically incorrect enough for the bleeding heart Liberals out there? Probably the same ones who feel they need the brain-dead brats out on the streets to secure their jobs.

Haven’t the decent, law-abiding citizens of our area suffered enough? Gee whiz!

Here we have the Town of High Prairie providing a decent service, planting flowers along the trail for walkers and hikers to enjoy. They try to beautify the area for all to enjoy and this happens.

Flowers are being planted all over town. Are others at risk of being destroyed from the sick minds of these morally void pieces of scum?

There are many who oppose what I’m writing, saying I’m giving too much publicity for these losers, who are probably having a good laugh if they successfully progressed past Grade 1 reading and can comprehend this. Chances are they have to have somebody read this to them.

Well, I have news for you losers. The flowers will be replanted. Try pulling them again, looking over your shoulder. Sooner or later, you will be caught and everyone will know your name, and what an idiot you are.

No matter how many useless scum we have in this community, there are too many well-meaning citizens who will try to make our town a nicer place to live. No matter how hard you try to destroy the property and spirit of us, we will not go away and we will not be discouraged.

Take that and smoke it until the brains you have left are gone! Think about that, you loser, the next time you want to destroy property of others.

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