Water study to determine HP’s future requirements

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

High Prairie town council is applying for a $200,000 grant to do an extensive study of the town’s water system to determine future needs.

And it will not cost local taxpayers one red cent.

CAO Brian Martinson asked council at its Jan. 28 meeting to consider applying for the 2019-20 Alberta Community Partnership Grant to complete a Regional Water Master Plan.

“It’s 100 per cent from the government. No matching grant,” Martinson told council.

The study will also included rural water co-ops served by the town’s water plant so, as a result, Big Lakes County must also approve the application.

Because it was a new agenda item, Mayor Brian Panasiuk asked what the purpose of the study was.

Martinson replied to determine the water needed to serve the town and county in the future.

“Is the [existing] water plant big enough?” he asked.

Councillor Debbie Rose also wanted more details.

Public Works Supt. Vern Walker shed light on the subject, adding the study would look at all future needs and include examining water lines to determine if they would be sufficient. He added as needs increase, would the demand also be sufficient for water flow [adequate pressure] not only to serve residents, but also fight fires.

“It’s a study,” he said, adding it would direct council what pipelines would need upgrading and/or expansion.

Council agreed to the application with a guarantee if they did not get the full $200,000 grant they would not need to “top up” to pay for the full study.

MPE Engineering will assist in the application.

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One thought on “Water study to determine HP’s future requirements

  1. It will cost local taxpayers $200,000! Where does CAO Brian Martinson thinks Alberta’s money comes from, the Tooth Fairy? Governments exist primarily on the over burdened tax payer and as a CAO, Martinson surely cannot camoflage this.


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