Walk the Trans Canada Trail Aug. 17

Grouard – Peace River Trail Net Society president Leonard Sahlin, left, and vice-president Lawrence Strebchuk hang up the society banner before the walk in 2015 at Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A hike along a national trail in the High Prairie area is set for Aug. 17 at Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park.

Grouard – Peace River Trail Net Society will lead the hike on the Trans Canada Trail starting at the boat launch at 1 p.m. rain or shine.

“Everyone is welcome for a guided hike along the lakeshore trail to Shaw’s Point Resort and back,” society president Leonard Sahlin says.

The hike is between 3 and 4 km and just over an hour of steady walking one-way, says member Cathy Wilcox.

The section of the trail is pretty easy walking, but it is a bit rough in some places.

People can walk at their own pace.

Anyone who wants to walk only one-way can arrange a ride back to the starting point.

“We are hosting the hike to promote the use of the trail,” Wilcox says.

“We know that many people are unaware that a section of the Trans Canada Trail is in our area, or the long history associated with the trail dating back generations – so we want to get that information out there.

She says the trail is valuable to region.

“This is one more great resource we have in this area,” Wilcox says.

“We would love to have more people get out and enjoy the trail we have worked so hard to build.”

Society members have worked hard to build and maintain the trail and want people to use and enjoy it, she says.

“The trail is an enjoyable hike and a great way to spend an afternoon with friendly people and includes a barbecue,” Wilcox says.

The Trans Canada Trail is a huge undertaking across the country, and it has not yet been completed.

“However, it does serve as another way to connect people across the country, and to expose people to the beauty and diversity we have in Canada,” Wilox says.

“Our local portion of the trail takes us through boreal forest, and along the path of the First Nations, fur-traders, missionaries, and settlers who travelled the area before the railroads and highways we know today.”

The section of that passes through Hill- iard’s Bay Provincial Park on the way to Shaw’s Point is well- built and cleared, but hikers should be prepared to watch out for roots and rocks in some areas.

Hikers will also trek over some hills that provide excellent views of Lesser Slave Lake along the way, Wilcox says.

Hike leaders will share stories along the way, pointing out areas of interest and historical highlights.

Good footwear with closed toes is recommended. Sunscreen, sunglasses and bug repellant are also recommended, plus a sweater or raincoat (depending on the weather).

Binoculars and cameras are another good idea, because the view is great and there may be birds or other wildlife along the way.

To find the starting point, go to Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park (near Grouard on Highway 750 and follow the road and watch for signs for the boat launch.

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