Update on Boston Pizza in High Prairie

by Chris Clegg

Boston Pizza continues to explore the possibility of coming to High Prairie.
The company is doing its due diligence about the possibility of setting up a restaurant into town, but any opening is far away.
Brian Novosel, Boston Pizza’s franchise and real estate development manager, placed an ad in South Peace News Oct. 26 asking for people interested in the High Prairie franchise. The wording “new Boston Pizza restaurant in High Prairie” was used in the ad which is promising and hopeful to local residents.
Boston Pizza is also hopeful.
“We are still doing our due diligence on the High Prairie market and continuing talks with the developer of the East Gate property to see what kind of real estate deal can be struck based on how much volume we think we could do out of a potential store here,” says Novosel in an e-mail.
“This process runs concurrent with trying to source a franchise.”
He adds there is no time limit on applying for a Boston Pizza franchise. The opportunity is on a first-come first-served basis.
“It all depends on finding the right fit and individual or small group that is well capitalized enough to fund the project,” says Novosel.
Boston Pizza’s franchise agreements run for 10 years, plus extensions if the franchisee and Boston Pizza corporate elect to continue.
“So these are very long-term commitments,” says Novosel. “Boston Pizza coming to High Prairie is conditional upon us feeling it’s the right market, about us striking a favourable lease, and about us finding the right franchisee.”

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