Town of HP posts information on Facebook, Web

High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A plan must be in place locally for the Town of High Prairie to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, says the High Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce president.

Barry Sharkawi attended council’s meeting March 10 with the request.

“Could we do a committee to look after this?” Sharkawi asked.

Mayor Brian Panasiuk replied he had already spoken to Alberta Health Services.

“They are getting information and will get back to me,” he said.

“I think everyone will have to work together.”

“It’s very important, you never know,” said Sharkawi. “We could talk with the government and see what they could do with us.”

Councillor Debbie Rose added she met with AHS March 9 and was told influenza was a larger concern with 3,300 cases in Alberta compared to six cases of COVID-19.

“They actually said we had an outbreak of syphilis,” she added.

“Let’s face it, this disease is not a joke,” said Sharkawi. It’s serious.”

It did not take council long to react. They had a special meeting March, 13. Panasiuk then recorded a video which was posted on the Town of High Prairie’s Facebook page. Additional information can be found on the Town’s website at

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One thought on “Town of HP posts information on Facebook, Web

  1. We often see this from High Prairie town council. Posting a video on an American company while not, at the SAME TIME, giving the video to local media like radio stations and newspaper.

    For the record, South Peace News website gets almost 60,000 visits per month. The News story about a local Covid case in Grouard brought 9,547 visits in ONE DAY!

    Do some councillors just hate local businesses? Seems like that.


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