Town follows county’s lead

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

High Prairie firefight- ers may soon have green flashing lights in their vehicles to help arrive at emergency calls sooner.

Council agreed at its April 12 meeting to take part in the Green Lights Program.

Fire chief Ken Melnyk can now buy the lights to give to firefighters to install in their vehicles, subject to Big Lakes County approving the request.

Councillor Donna Deynaka and Mayor Linda Cox, who questioned the value of the lights, were opposed.

“All it is if people see the green lights flashing behind them…people will get out of the way,” said Melnyk. “The county is doing the same this summer. I was hoping we could do the same.”

Councillor Brian Gilroy liked the idea.

“I’ve lived in communities where they had the Green Lights Program. It’s a very good program.”

Gilroy did question cost. Melnyk replied that the town and county would share the cost 50-50, provided county council approved the request. The fire department serves both the town and parts of the county, and are funded equally by both.

Council heard Melnyk received two quotes: one for $31 each, the other for $40 each. He suggested buying 30 lights spread out over two years.

Deynaka said they didn’t have enough information to vote for the program.

Melnyk replied more communities are implementing the program so “they must be happy with it”.

Councillor Michael Long was willing to follow Melnyk’s suggestion.

“If you think it’s a good idea, we should go with it. I like the idea. I like the initiative.”

Cox questioned the benefit of the program in a small community.

“I’m not convinced on this program at all,” she said.

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