Today in High Prairie – July 31, 2019

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What’s Happening Today – July 31, 2019

Marigold Farmer’s Market from 1-6 p.m.

HP Elks Pro Rodeo at 2:30 p.m. at Stampede Grounds.

Today’s Local Birthday – High Prairie – July 31, 2019

Justus Smith, Brian Wilson.

Today’s Local Birthday – Faust – July 31, 2019

Mark Baker.

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – July 31

1803 – John Ericsson, screw propeller inventor.

1967 – Sebastian S. Kresge, American K-Mart merchant.

1886 – Fred Quimby, Tom and Jerry producer.

1889 – Donald Foster, Lord Love a Duck sctor.

1919 – Curt Gowdy, American sportscaster.

1921 – Peter Benenson, Amnesty International founder.

1932 – Ted Cassidy, Addams Family actor – Lurch.

1932 – Sam Coppola, Saturday Night Fever actor.

1943 – Lobo, American musician.

1943 – Susan Flannery, Dallas actress.

1946 – Gary Lewis, Gary Lewis & the Playboys.

1947 – Richard Griffiths, Harry Potter actor.

1958 – Mark Cuban, Shark Tank “Shark”.

1965 – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter novels author.

1980 – Harry Potter, fictional character.

This Day in Local History – July 31

July 31, 1967: A funeral is held for local businessman and sportsman Fred Fisher.

July 31, 1971: James Ducharme is elected new president of the Metis Association at a meeting in High Prairie.

July 31, 1988: Mike Mungall shoots a 159 to win the High Prairie Open Golf Tournament. Joann Bekevich wins the ladies title shooting 198.

July 31, 1987: Cree Airways lands its first plane in High Prairie.

July 31, 1991: Tia Gullion, 19, of Trout Lake is chosen Miss Metis for Zone 5.

July 31, 2000: No one is injured after a three-ton truck carrying dynamite rolls near Faust.

July 31, 2000: Hazel Rosychuk retires after working at South Peace News for 25 years.

July 31, 2000: Erin Low begins work as High Prairie’s new recreation director.

July 31, 2005: The Peavine Canadians win the Canadian Native Fastball Championship “B” title in Whitecourt.

July 31, 2009: Sucker Creek officially opens its new daycare.

July 31, 2013: Jess Verstappen is crowned High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo Queen as the two-day rodeo concludes.

July 31, 2013: Grouard’s Dennis Halcrow wins the annual Elks Pick Your ATV Raffle and chooses the 2013 Kawasaki Teryx 4×4 EPS LE.

July 31, 2018: A McLennan man, 48, dies following a single-vehicle rollover near Grouard. His name is not released, no charges are considered.

July 31, 2018: Sarah Neill is crowned 2018 High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo Queen.

This Day in World History – July 31

 781 – Oldest recorded eruption of Mt. Fuji occurs.

1498 – Christopher Columbus discovers the island of Trinidad.

1790 – 1st US patent granted for a potash process.

1849 – Benjamin Chambers patents breech loading cannon.

1852 – Hottest July in Netherlands since at least 1783.

1855 – Hottest July in Stockholm since at least 1756.

1861 – 9,300 mm rain in July in Cherrapunji, India [world record].

1917 – 3rd Battle of Ypres [Passchendaele] begins.

1922 – Ralph Samuelson, 18, rides world’s 1st water skis.

1941 – U-boats sink and damage 21 allied ships this month.

1951 – Japan Airlines is established.

1954 – First ascent of Himalayan mountain K2 occurs.

1959 – 1st exhibit of bongos in US.

1961 – Israel welcomes its one millionth immigrant.

1964 – Al Parker glides 644 miles without a motor.

1964 – Rolling Stone concert in Ireland ends after 12 minutes due to riot.

1964 – US Ranger 7 takes 4,316 pictures before crashing on moon.

1965 – Cigarette advertising banned on British TV.

1969 – Mariner 6 makes its closest approach to Mars at 3410 km.

1971 – Apollo 15 astronauts take 6 1/2 hour electric car ride on moon.

1980 – Hurricane Allen forms: will become strongest on record.

1987 – Tornado rips through Edmonton killing 27 people.

1990 – Bosnia-Hercegovina declares independence.

1991 – Russia and US sign long range nuclear weapons reduction pact.

1994 – Netherlands’ warmest July since 1783 – average 21.4C.

2012 – Power failure in India leaves 670 million people without power.

2018 – Actor Alan Alda reveals he has had Parkinson’s disease for 3 years.

Today’s Horoscopes – July 31

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – You have a romantic soul, Cancer. Today your thoughts are on love and romance. You may be thinking of that special someone in your life, grateful that you’ve found each other. Or you may wish you had someone important in your life and spend a good part of the day plotting how to find a mate. If you’re serious about settling down, draw on all of your resources to make it happen.

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – Something big could be occurring close to home today, Leo. It would be advisable to stay inside, if possible, or at least not stray too far. Traffic may be gridlocked and the sidewalks crowded with pedestrians anxious for a closer look. Use this self-imposed “house arrest” to do some neglected chores. Play music and have fun while you organize bookshelves and clear the clutter from your closets.

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – You have hidden talents that may be revealed to you today, Virgo. Perhaps collaboration with someone new has you doing things you never thought you could. Perhaps you discover a talent for writing, graphic design, or money management. You can’t help but delight in this discovery, as it opens up a world of new possibilities. You don’t need to take action now. Revel in your untapped potential.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – You’re a kind, caring individual, Libra. Today your concern for others may be so strong that you take steps to do something concrete to save, if not the world, at least a few of the individuals in it. You may hear of a worthy cause that’s about to fold for lack of volunteers. You could turn out to be just the saviour they need. One person truly can make a difference. You can prove it today.

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Today you may develop a deeper understanding of what’s really important to you, Scorpio. You may be surprised by what you discover. The material means far less to you than the spiritual. It may have taken you a while to learn this, but now there’s no going back. Your possessions feel like dead weight. The mere thought of your family and friends fills your heart with love and light.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – Your life is likely to enlarge today, Sagittarius, either through a new group affiliation or people you meet. You may be invited to a party where a whole world of new and exciting events opens up to you. You may be reunited with a good friend from your past who can open all sorts of professional doors for you. Be receptive to anyone and everyone you meet.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than smart, Capricorn. You’ll learn this today as good fortune puts you in the right place at the right time. You may meet someone who makes a big difference to your career. Perhaps he or she turns you on to a good job prospect or introduces you to someone who ends up being a business partner. Your life may change if you’re open to possibilities.

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – Be open to any invitations that come your way or any new people you meet. Change is in the air for you, Aquarius, and you need only be receptive in order for it to come about. You may even meet someone at a social event who winds up being your partner for life. Explore all your interests and trust your intuition, for it will be a reliable guide.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – Today you may wake up and realize that there is serious room for improvement, Pisces. If decorating isn’t your strong suit, why not call in the professionals? In the meantime, there’s a lot you can do by simply clearing away the clutter and reorganizing your bookcases in a more attractive way. Mingle some artwork and knickknacks among the books for a more interesting visual effect.

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – You tend to keep to yourself, Aries, but today you could be inspired to join a group activity. Perhaps some friends have invited you to come out for drinks. Or maybe a neighbour asked you to consider joining a neighbourhood organization. Whatever the scenario, all signs indicate that any group activity you join will be worthwhile. You will do some good and likely make new friends, too.

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Technology is highlighted for you today, Taurus. It could be that you install a new phone or computer system, which will make life just a bit easier. Or perhaps you decide to take a course to learn to master a technical area that has been difficult for you to grasp. Whatever you do or learn today is bound to make you happier and more productive.

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – You’re a social creature, Gemini, and today you can expect to attract a lot of attention. You’re feeling good and looking even better – and don’t think that people don’t notice! Make it a point to get out and mingle with others. You’re a talented, capable person in your own right, but you really shine when you’re with others. This is especially true today.

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