Today in High Prairie – February 15, 2020

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What’s Happening Today – February 15, 2020

St. Isidore Carnaval [Day 2 of 3].

National Flag Day of Canada! Display the red and white!

Regional Crib Tournament At HP Golden Age Club 10 a.m.

Kids Can Catch Family Day at Joussard Hall 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Jamboree at Triangle Hall 15 km west of HP 7-11 p.m.

Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – February 15, 2020

Samuel Gallagher

Darrel Jarvis

Olivia Davies-Cunningham

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – February 15, 2020

Leon Irla

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – February 15, 2020

1564 –  Galileo Galilei, “Father of Science”

1797 – Henry Steinway, Famous piano maker

1809 – Cyrus McCormick, Inventor of mechanical reaper

1812 – Charles Tiffany, American jeweler

1820 – Susan B. Anthony, Women’s suffrage leader

1858 – William Pickering, Found 9th, 10th moons Saturn

1874 – Ernest Shackleton, Polar explorer

1882 – John Barrymore, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde actor

1894 – Oswaldo Aranha, 1st President of UN

1916 – Mary Jane Croft, Our Miss Brooks actress

1918 – Alan Arbus, M*A*S*H actor

1927 – Harvey Korman, Carol Burnett Show actress

1930 – Nico Minardos, The Twilight Zone actor

1944 – Michael Avory, The Kinks drummer

1945 – John Helliwell, Supertramp musician

1951 – Jane Seymour, Live and Let Die actress

1959 – Ali Campbell, UB40 vocalist

1960 – Mikey Craig, Culture Club musician

1974 – Seattle Slew, American racehorse

This day in Local History, Feb. 15, 2020

Feb. 15, 1910: William McCue is the first postmaster as the High Prairie post office opens. The post office was called Prairie River but since there was another Prairie River in Alberta, the name had to be changed to High Prairie.

Feb. 15, 1913: Over 500 residents of the Lesser Slave Lake Settlement petition the Alberta government for beacon lights in the harbour.

Feb. 15, 1913: The Athabasca and Peace River Railway Company announces plans to build a railway around Lesser Slave Lake to Grouard and into Peace River.

Feb. 15, 1915: Twenty-three ratepayers attend a Grouard town council meeting and petition council to re-audit the town’s books.

Feb. 15, 1915: A meeting is held in Grouard to organize a yacht and recreation club.

Feb. 15, 1977: Myler Savill’s High Prairie rink concludes play at the Alberta Men’s Curling Championships in Edmonton and loses in the semi-finals to Calgary’s Ron Northcott, who goes on to win the title.

Feb. 15, 1978: South Peace News reports that the recreation hall at Driftpile burns to the ground. No date for the fire is published.

Feb. 15, 1985: Seven-month-old Juanita Eskiw of Faust is killed in a motor vehicle collision 7 km west of Faust.

Feb. 15, 2004: High Prairie ringette players Sydni McCue, Jessica Palmer, Charity Gambler, Colette Larose, Kaitlin Sanders and Monique Maura compete at the Alberta Winter Games as part of the Peace Region’s team.

Feb. 15, 2011: Members of the Town of High Prairie’s economic development pursuit committee disagree. Barry Sharkawi advocates bringing big box stores into town while Crystal Sekulich advocates looking after local stores first.

This Day in World History – February 15, 2020

 399 – Philosopher Socrates is sentenced to death by the city of Athens.

1763 – Treaty of Hubertusburg signed, ending Seven Years War.

1764 – St. Louis, Missouri founded by Pierre Laclède.

1768 – 1st mustard manufactured in America advertised, Philadelphia.

1799 – 1st US printed ballots authorized, Pennsylvania.

1842 – 1st adhesive postage stamps in US issued.

1882 – SS Dunedin leaves New Zealand for Britain [1st cargo frozen meat].

1895 – 9 inches of snow falls on New Orleans.

1903 – 1st teddy bear introduced in America, made by Morris & Rose Michtom.

1922 – Marconi begins regular broadcasting transmissions from Essex.

1930 – Weona beats Toluca in Illinois Basketball Tournament in 10 OTs.

1936 – Adolf Hitler announces construction of the Volkswagen Beetle.

1950 – Walt Disney’s animated film “Cinderella” premieres in Boston.

1961 – Entire US figure skating team of 18, dies in plane crash.

1965 – Red Maple Leaf Flag becomes the official flag of Canada.

1971 – After 1,200 years Great Britain abandons pence & shilling system.

1973 – Friendsville Academy [Tenn] ends 138-game basketball losing streak.

1978 – Escaped mass murderer Ted Bundy recaptured in Pensacola.

1978 – Leon Spinks beats Muhammad Ali in 15 for heavyweight boxing title.

1979 – Paul Shirley, 21, of Australia, sucks a lifesaver for 4:40.

1981 – Rocket-powered ice sled attains 399 kph, Lake George, NY.

1982 – Ocean Ranger oil-drilling platform lost off NFLD, 84 die.

1986 – Ferdinand Marcos wins rigged election in the Philippines.

1989 – Soviet military occupation of Afghanistan ends.

1992 – Jeffrey Dahmer found sane and guilty of killing 15 boys.

1995 – Population of People’s Republic of China hits 1.2 billion.

2005 – YouTube, Internet site, is launched.

2011 – Libyan protests begin opposing Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s rule.

2013 – Over 1,200 people injured after meteor breaks up over Russia.

2017 – Indian space rocket launches 104 satellites in a single flight.

Today’s Horoscopes – February 15, 2020

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – If you’ve been thinking about starting a new business partnership, this is the day to take some positive action toward that end. Any new business enterprises started today, particularly involving partnerships, show a lot of promise for success. This might make a profound difference in the course of your life, so make sure you allow for as many contingencies as you can. Go for the gold and enjoy the adventure!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – Some rather boring and mundane tasks, perhaps involving paperwork, could take up much of your time today. You could get easily distracted and be tempted to set it aside and do something more interesting, but don’t fall into this trap. You’ll want your recent pattern of success to continue, and so it’s best to get the boring stuff out of the way and then move on to what’s exciting. Hang in there!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – New enterprises that you’ve worked to perfect for a long time, perhaps involving writing, speaking, or publishing, might pay off today. Success definitely appears to be in the wind, and those in authority could be more than impressed with what you’ve been trying to achieve. Grab the gold ring now and take advantage of this opportunity, since it might be a long time before another one comes around. Onward and upward!

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – Some paperwork involving business enterprises could be executed today, possibly in your home. This might be a new and unexpected development. It could have you feeling a bit disoriented, but try to pull yourself together and make the most of it. Whatever the opportunity, all signs say that it might prove quite successful, so don’t let it pass you by. Go with the flow and see where it takes you. You could be pleasantly surprised!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Success in business, perhaps involving writing or speaking, might come your way today. Paperwork, such as contracts, could take up a lot of your time. You might also have to spend a lot of time on the phone or in the car. All this activity could have you feeling a bit frazzled. Nonetheless, you’re going to feel very enthusiastic and optimistic about everything that’s happening, and you should look forward to future enterprises. Enjoy!

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – You’ve worked hard to promote your business interests, and today it might pay off. Money, or contracts promising it, could come your way, as well as new opportunities to pursue success, perhaps in writing, teaching, or publishing. Friends and family members should be as excited as you are, and perhaps you’ll want to have a celebration of some sort. Relax for a while and enjoy your evening. You’ll be back at your tasks soon enough. You can count on it!

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Your optimism and enthusiasm should be very high today. Business and partnerships have been proving both satisfying and profitable lately, and you could receive information today about new doors that could unexpectedly open up for you. You’ve worked hard, supposedly without results, for a long time, and now it seems like everything’s happening at once. This is very exciting, but remember that if you want to maintain your current pace, you have to keep working! Get going!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – Today your level of imagination and intuition is especially high. Trust your heart today, especially where new projects and money are concerned. Insights may appear to knock at the doors of your conscious mind, yet it might take some deep thought to grasp their significance. Don’t try to work it out through logic; it’s best to let it all come to you. Then make use of logic to consider what you should do about it!

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – This should be a very busy day for you, as communications involving business matters could take up much of your time. These could concern your own goals or those of a friend or a group with which you’re affiliated. Whatever it is, you should feel a strong sense of elation and optimism. Success is definitely in the wind. However, try not to exhaust yourself. Take occasional breaks. Don’t forget that you’ll need to keep going tomorrow.

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – Business matters take a sudden turn for the better. Paperwork may need to be executed. A new sense of self-confidence contributes to these developments, and the more good things that happen to you, the more confident you’ll feel. Your physical appearance could assume more importance in your mind than usual, since you’ll want the way you look to match the way you feel inside. Buy some new clothes and keep working. The sky’s the limit.

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – A chance to travel, perhaps for business purposes, could present itself to you today. This might require some temporary adjustments in your personal life, but don’t let this stop you. You’ll want to make the most of whatever new opportunities come your way at this time. Career success is highly indicated, and this could make a profound and positive difference in the course of your life. Go for the gold!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Someone in the know could come to you today with opportunities for increasing your income, perhaps involving investments of time or other resources in new business enterprises. These possibilities are worthy of consideration, yet you need to be particularly businesslike and consider all the ins and outs and pros and cons before committing to anything. One prospect may be just what you want, while another might turn out to be entirely different. Give it some thought!

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