Today in High Prairie – April 22, 2020

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What’s Happening Today – April 22, 2020

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Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – April 22, 2020

Anne Porisky

Jamie Smith

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – April 22, 2020

Carol Specht

Isaiah New

Jerome Twin

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – April 22, 2020

1451 – Queen Isabella I, Patron, Christopher Columbus

1724 – Immanuel Kant, German philosopher

1832 – Julius Morton, Started Arbour Day

1853 – Alphonse Bertillon, devised crime ID system

1870 – Vladimir Lenin, Soviet Leader

1899 – Martyn Green, Gilbert & Sullivan actor

1904 – Robert Oppenheimer, Father of the Atomic Bomb”

1906 – Eddie Albert, Green Acres actor

1909 – Ralph Byrd, Dick Tracy TV Show actor

1920 – Hal March, $64,000 Question TV host

1923 – Aaron Spelling, Charlie’s Angels producer

1923 – Bettie Page, “Queen of Pinups”

1926 – Charlotte Rae, Facts of Life actress [Edna]

1936 – Glen Campbell, Rhinestone Cowboy singer

1937 – Jack Nicholson, The Shining actor

1950 – Peter Frampton, Peter Frampton rocker

1951 – Paul Carrack, Ace songwriter

1959 – Ryan Stiles, Drew Carey Show actor

1965 – Lauri Hendler, Gimme a Break actress

1975 – Greg Moore, Canadian race car driver

1982 – Kaka, Brazilian footballer

1986 – Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawk

This Day in Local History – April 22, 2020

April 22, 1964: The High Prairie Booster reports that oil strikes in the Slave Lake region have stirred interest in all Western oil circles.

April 22, 1964: The High Prairie Booster reports that Murray Keeler has opened Hi Lite Photography Studio in High Prairie.

April 22, 1970: South Peace News reports the High Prairie Roman Catholic Separate School District accepts a tender for the addition to St. Andrew’s elementary-junior high school.

April 22, 1971: Former High Prairie businessman Howard Carson passes away in a Kelowna hospital at the age of 73 years. He started a pulp wood business, then sold and serviced chainsaws.

April 22, 1972: High Prairie Mayor Fred Dumont calls for an end to “behind the scenes activities of politicians to the west of us” concerning the location of a rapeseed crushing plant in town. He adds High Prairie is a “political pawn in a game we may well lose.”

April 22, 1972: High Prairie’s Len Kruger is named Farmer-of-the-Year at the annual Unifarm Banquet.

April 22, 1980: A fire at Buchanan Lumber’s planer mill causes extensive damage.

April 22, 1981: South Peace News reports that Michele Courtepatte, Abby Courtepatte, Jennifer Rose, Robin Barnes and Maxine Graham are all competing for the honour of rodeo queen.

April 22, 1983: Babs Bates at High Prairie News and Confectionary brings the first Lotto 6/49 machine into town.

April 22, 1990: St. Mark’s Anglican Church has a sod turning to celebrate the construction of an addition to the church.

April 22, 1992: Edith Guild begins operating E.G. Frames.

April 22, 1998: Bridge Crew members respond to the Town of High Prairie’s plan “to do something” with them by saying “Leave us alone.”

April 22, 1998: High Prairie town council reports that AVC-High Prairie obtains campus status.

April 22, 2001: Adolph Raymond Emter passes away at the age of 57 years. He formerly managed the Fountain Tire store, worked in the grocery department at Freson IGA and at Monahan Ford at an AMA driver.

April 22, 2006: Louisa Rich is presented with the 2006 Trail Blazer Award by the Alberta Trial Net Society at Wolf Creek Golf Resort. Rich wins the award for her work on the Grouard Peace River Trail Net Society.

April 22, 2008: The Alberta government announces in its budget it is eliminating health care premiums in 2009.

April 22, 2009: The M.D. of Big Lakes refuses to place a bounty on wolves.

April 22, 2010: Calling it a “kick in the teeth”, Linda Williscroft, a member of the High Prairie and District Community Health Foundation, announces the Black and White Gala is cancelled due to low ticket sales. She says no announcement of the hospital being built “killed us”.

April 22, 2010: Jule Asterisk, of Slave Lake, a well-known environmentalist in the region, declares her candidacy for the federal Green Party in the next election.

April 22, 2019: Frank Tomkins passes away at the age of 92 years. He joined the army in 1945 and was a smokejumper in Saskatchewan.

This Day in World History – April 22, 2020

1056 – Supernova Crab nebula last seen by the naked eye.

1145 – 19th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet.

1529 – Treaty of Saragosa: Spain and Portugal divide eastern hemisphere.

1692 – Edward Bishop jailed for proposing flogging as cure for witchcraft.

1817 – Curacao prohibits use of white paint due to fierce sunlight.

1823 – R.J. Tyers patents roller skates.

1864 – US mints 2 cent coin [1st appearance of “In God We Trust”].

1876 – Tchaikovsky completes his ballet “Swan Lake”.

1876 – Philadelphia Nationals Wes Fisler scores baseball’s 1st run.

1884 – Thomas Stevens starts 1st bike trip around world [2 yrs 9 months].

1915 – 1st military use of poison gas [chlorine, by Germany] in WW I.

1940 – Rear Admiral Joseph Taussig testifies war with Japan is inevitable.

1952 – 1st atomic explosion on network news, Nob, Nevada.

1959 – Chicago White Sox score 11 runs on 1 hit, 10 walks, 3 errors.

1963 – Lester B. Pearson is sworn in as 14th PM of Canada.

1969 – 1st human eye transplant performed.

1970 – 1st Earth Day celebrated, founded by Gaylord Nelson.

1972 – Belfast boy, 11, is 1st to die from a rubber bullet.

1976 – Barbara Walters becomes 1st female nightly network news anchor.

1991 – Intel releases 486SX chip.

1993 – The web browser Mosaic version 1.0 is released.

1994 – In Denmark, the largest lollipop, weighing 3,011 pounds, made.

2006 – 4 Canadian soldiers are killed 75 km north of Kandahar.

Today’s Horoscopes – April 22, 2020

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – A desire to spruce up your home might start with a thorough cleaning from attic to basement. You could go through that chore like gangbusters and then do some repairs or go for the fun stuff, such as redecorating with plants or even some new furniture. You can have a lot of fun with this, especially if your partner or friends help out. Work hard and enjoy your day!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – A love partner could contact you out of the blue, perhaps proposing that the two of you get together tonight – alone. You’re in just the mood for this, since you’re feeling especially sexy and not particularly afraid to show it. An evening at home or in a dark corner of your favourite restaurant might be just the ticket. Don’t be surprised if your friend orders champagne and shows up with flowers! Have fun!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – Have you been waiting to hear about some funds, perhaps to create a piece of art, write a book, or make a documentary film? If so, you could have a lot to celebrate today when you receive news the money is forthcoming! Don’t be surprised if there’s a delay, however. The project is still going to happen, but just a little later than you’d hoped. All you can do now is be patient.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – Someone at your workplace could suddenly find you very attractive and make no secret of it today. How you respond, of course, is up to you, but if you don’t reciprocate this person’s feelings, don’t respond positively simply because you’re flattered. This could cause trouble for you down the line, particularly if this person is in a position of authority. Hold out for the right person!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Your desire to respect and honour the special someone in your life clashes today with an equally strong desire to become a passionate persuader. The secret to resolving this conflict lies in knowing the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Also, if you’re going to make the most of both drives, you need to tune in to your partner’s thoughts and feelings. Zero in on what you both want and then go for it! Enjoy your day.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – Have you been harbouring a secret desire for someone you believe thinks of you only as a friend? Don’t be surprised if you learn differently today. This is a day when hidden passions may suddenly be revealed – and your friend could unexpectedly divulge a covert attraction to you! The only downside is that sometimes it can be a letdown when fantasies become reality. Take note of your reaction before moving ahead.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Today you could encounter a work colleague and suddenly feel an unexpected romantic attraction. This could catch you off guard because you never before thought about this person in that way. Before jumping in with both feet, give yourself some time to come down. You’re feeling especially sensual today, so this might well pass by tomorrow. Stay grounded for now. If the attraction is still there in a few days, think about it!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – A sum of money that you might have been expecting from far away may be delayed. This could be frustrating for you, but don’t panic. The money is indeed coming. So unless your situation is urgent, just sit back and wait. If you want to check with those who are sending it, by all means do so. However, you’ll probably find that the matter is out of their hands. Be patient and hang in there.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – Sex and romance are top priority for you today. You’re looking especially beautiful, you’re feeling especially sensual, and you could well attract admiring looks from strangers. You might want to indulge in some new clothes or perhaps new cologne. This is definitely the perfect day to schedule an intimate evening with a love partner. If you can, go for it. It might be a day or two before your schedules mesh, however. Be patient!

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – If you’re single, tonight you could find yourself longing for a lover from the past and wondering what’s happening with this person right now. If you’re currently involved, you might be experiencing a temporary separation from your beloved, and could feel inclined to spend the evening at home. If you choose to do this, entertain yourself with a favourite book or movie. Remember – a watched phone never rings!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Are you waiting for a love partner to phone you at work? As much as you want to hear from your friend, you could well get so caught up in your work you wouldn’t hear a marching band go by. As you work, be sure to keep one ear tuned to the real world by looking up or getting up and walking around occasionally. Otherwise, you might sabotage what you want the most today.

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Your sensuality is tempered today with a touch of the mystical sort of romantic feeling found in fairy tales. This might be unusual for you, but your current partner is going to love it! If you’re single, you’re likely to attract a lot of attention and possibly meet someone new and exciting. Take care that you make the effort to see the real person and not just a romantic image. Good luck!

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