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“No, I don’t want to play poker online again. It’s like being mugged, but without the company. And don’t send me that e-mail yet. My computer isn’t switched on so I won’t get it.” – Grandpa Jonesy

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Gosh, all the things they said were bad for us, and now they say they are good for us. And of course, stuff that was good for us, is now bad. Where to start?
Well, apparently it’s OK to make popcorn with coconut oil again. Actually, we think most theatres never stopped popping their deliciousness with anything else but coconut oil.
Or, did they stop?
Once upon a time coconut oil was the “must use”. Then came stories it would cause cancer. Nowadays, we think it doesn’t matter. So, moving on to the next “bad thing” …
Those baby aspirins people middle aged or older are supposed to take every day to stop blood clots and heart attacks and strokes are now bad news. It’s now said by some “experts” the aspirins can contribute to internal bleeding. In fact, you might be bleeding a little bit every day right now and not even notice it.
There is a true story about bleeding. We will put it in the next item. In the meantime, apparently it is now safe to eat red meat again. Alberta producers are smiling over this one.
Researchers are now saying there is no connection between red meat and cancer, if indeed there ever was. Heart disease is another matter but the cancer scare that had us all switching to carrots and chickens is supposed to be debunked. The real culprit all along was stuff in processed foods, like nitrites, and that might still be a problem. Or maybe not. But as they say, even water will kill you if you drink enough.
So all those flavoured meat slices you drool over when walking by the deli counter? Well, you don’t have to skip the processed ones and just go for the “pure” meat slices. You can have them all!
In moderation of course!
Personally, we take the steaks and hamburgers just like always. And turkeys on Thanksgiving. Rotisserie chicken for sandwiches and soup once in awhile too.
And of course, those huge pastrami sandwiches on toasted brown bread, nuked with cheese, then topped with Dijon mustard and sauerkraut. One of the five major food groups, fitting in there with chocolates and ice cream.

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So the year is 1998. It’s a solo sailing race called Around Alone. Entrant Viktor Yazykov is a Russian entered in the race. He is about 650 km from Cape Town, South Africa. One of the doctors on call, if needed, reachable by e-mail, is in Boston.
“My right elbow does not look good. Some yellow spot in the middle of red and it feels dead,” Yazykov wrote. “Waiting for your help.”
Yazykov had injured his arm at the beginning of the race several days earlier and it was now much worse.
The doctor went through everything. It was an infection. If the abscess broke under the skin, it could kill him. It would have to be punctured and drained immediately. The doc e-mailed instructions how to do this.
After the “operation” bleeding would not stop. It was all due to aspirin Yazykov was chomping down since the original injury to kill pain. It can take up to 10 days for the effects of the aspirin to go away. By then, Yazykov would have bled to death. Thankfully, and luckily, by putting pressure on the open wound, he was able to stop the bleeding.
Something to file in your brain if you are ever out in the bush, get lost and hurt yourself.
Be careful about eating the aspirins!

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Is Progressive Conservative candidate Arnold Viersen in this year’s election going to be another “no show” like he was in the last election?
Come out and see. Forums in Peace River and High Prairie this week. All candidates have been invited.
Viersen’s campaign manager already said last week Viersen wouldn’t be at the High Prairie forum. A few people are trying to put some pressure on Viersen. No idea if he will respond.
But, he did show up last week in Slave Lake at their local forum. The no show turned out to be the NDP candidate. A generally quiet crowd we are told. Fifty attended.
A new wrinkle was the Slave Lake thing was “live streamed.” It’s on the Slave Lake Chamber of Commerce website right now if you want to gander at it. The Chamber says about 100 people tuned in online.
Anyway, forums coming up:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 9 in Peace River, 7 p.m. at the Belle Petroleum Centre.
  • Thursday, Oct. 10 in High Prairie, 7 p.m. at the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre.

Free admission and everybody welcome.

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