THE PAGE – May 11, 2016


We are busy checking out the new South Peace News website [] which is being rebuilt, and here we see a picture of actor Charlie Sheen posing with some of our local folks.

Oops! Wait a minute. That isn’t really Charlie. It’s local volunteer Kevin Auger, getting an award.

You ever see a photo of someone and say, “Hey, that looks just like…?” This is one of them.

Now we don’t know if all the pictures of Kevin bear a resemblance to a slightly heavy looking Sheen, but this one still strikes us as Kevin looking much like Charlie.

At first glance anyway. Like we said, a slightly heavier looking version.

To see the photo click   Here

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Speaking of the News website, we don’t like saying, “Watch this space” and making promises that are hardly ever kept. But, just letting you know readers can find local stuff online at News staff hope to have something new in the news posted every day, so check it out.

At current numbers, about 500 people are already doing that every day. Last week, that daily count hit almost 4,000. Yes, 4,000! This was because people hungry for fire news were dialing in.

Just for your information, if anything major is happening anywhere around the High Prairie trading area, which is big, will try to bring you as current information as possible. That’s as long as fresh news is available, and as long as staff have Internet access of some kind, whether that be local cable, local landline phone lines, or on cell service from anywhere.

SPN main servers for the Internet are located in High Prairie and Chicago, and are backed up beyond that. This means it would take a major, earth-shattering something or other to take SPN offline.

So, if you have news to share, use the Submit News or contact form at to reach the News. Or email at

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Also, for information sake, if you are from the High Prairie area and were working in Fort McMurray, the News would like to list your name on one of our pages. Email us at or use the contact form online. If there is a good response it will be up this week.

This is just for information – not a call for donations or anything. Just to let people know you or somebody you know was there.

* * * * * * *

It’s hard to comprehend just how big the Fort McMurray fire is.

First off, as said in the editorial in this newspaper, Fort McMurray is bigger than Grande Prairie – 80,000 people compared to 60,000 in G.P., or even 2,800 in High Prairie. Almost 30 times the size of High Prairie!

Second, the area covered by the fire is three times bigger than the entire space taken up by the city of Edmonton. Wow!

And despite those numbers, it took a long time for the talking heads on our TV newscasts right across Canada to start calling Fort McMurray a city which is what it is, instead of always saying “the town of Fort McMurray.”

Would they say “the town of Hamilton? town of Halifax? town of Red Deer?”

Sheesh! City slickers!

* * * * * * *

Did anybody catch the TV news clip last week of the gas station at Grassland that stopped taking credit and debit cards?

Hundreds of evacuees from Fort McMurray needing gas were stopping at his station. The operator decided he would only take cash. Sure sounds like he was up to something fishy, eh?

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You know an executive is old when he starts chasing his secretary around the desk, but can’t remember why.

* * * * * * *

A man has reached old age when he can’t take yes for an answer.

* * * * * * *

A conference is just an organized way of postponing a decision.

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Easy money and common sense never travel together.

* * * * * * *

Need advice? Consult your conscience, not your friends.

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