The Page – June 5, 2019

Kevin O’Leary is that mean-spirited crank who used to be seen on CBC’s Dragon Den show. He’s moved on to bigger things in the States, appearing on a show there called Shark Tank.
Here’s some interesting tidbits about him, as reported by the Toronto newspaper The Globe and Mail in a story titled “Five things I learned from Kevin O’Leary.”:

  1. “Over 90 per cent of my returns have come from companies run by women.” – Women set modest goals for growth and achieve them. Men set “testosterone targets” and fall short.
  2. “The customer acquisition cost was zero.” O’Leary invested in a company selling cupcakes in jars that was on the show. The cupcakes were made by a lady and her daughter. The lady’s husband borrowed computer time at his office to handle all the orders he knew would come in after 10 million people saw the show.
  3. “Social media also has a dark side.” – Social media can not only instantly create buzz, but also scandals.
  4. “The apprenticeship of Justin Trudeau must be ended in six months.”
  5. “If you give me 20 bucks, I will give the local Food Bank $40.” – O’Leary racked up over $500,000 in debt as he ran for the federal Conservative leadership in 2017. The rules say he can’t give more than $25,000 personally to his own campaign. Maybe this is a way to help the High Prairie Food Bank. But first, get the O’Leary money in a safe place. If other food banks haven’t already cleaned him out.

    * * * * * * *

    You might have read about this newspaper’s efforts to bring you the expense accounts of Big Lakes County councillors. In particular, the taxpayer money they spend at far away conferences.
    This shouldn’t be any kind of big deal, even if the people who go never seem to learn much. We are sure they are trying hard.
    And so what if there’s a few chit-chats in the coffee shop? In an hour, or 30 seconds, everybody moves on to the next item to bibble babble about.
    But guess what? Apparently it is indeed a big deal. Or rather, a great big secret!
    Big Lakes County administration won’t give out the information, even though this is all public money. None, not one, of the councillors have any desire so far to release details. Nothing!
    One would think each would be falling over the next one bragging how they spent taxpayers money on these wonderful and oh so helpful “networking” trips.
    It’s double confusing when you think that so many politicians these days are all big on “transparency”. You know, telling people where the tax money goes.
    How come not one of the councillors is interested in passing along the numbers from last conferences? Is it too many $16 orange juices? $80 glasses of wine? $160 steaks? Strange, is it not?
    We could say something bad happened to all those fine election promise words made before the last election.
    But actually, there are so few promises made these days by any municipal politicians, nobody really knows what any of them stand for. So, we trust them all. They are such fine folks, right?
    If we are gullible enough to get suckered in, well, maybe we are just great big suckers.
    Meanwhile, here’s a quote from a world-class fuddle duddler.
    “I am not going to talk about this anymore because I am setting a new standard for transparency.” – Justin Trudeau, as reported by Sun News, Feb. 14, 2013.

    * * * * * * *

    Have a great week despite the smoke!

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