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Is this a food source of the future? Check The Page’s thoughts on this page. Photo credit to Loren Elliott, Washington Post.

Last week we told you about the magic Haskap berries, also known as honeyberries, blue honeysuckles, sweet berries or Canadian honey berry. Now, we bring you soldier fly maggots!
You read that right. These little guys start out about the size of a grain of pepper. They grow fast. A couple of centimetres [about an inch] is full size.
The really big attraction is the amount of protein the worms contain. According to the folks growing them in outfitted rooms, an acre of soldier fly maggots produces the same amount of protein annually as 130 acres of soybeans, or 3,000 acres devoted to cattle. They grow fast. In two weeks, the maggot will grow from the human equal of a 8-pound baby to the size of a 40-ton humpback whale.
Oven dried, they are said to taste like Fritos. About a third of the world population already includes insects in their diet.
If eating maggots isn’t your, um, cup of tea, how about a protein shake? The maggots can be dried, ground up, mixed in with all kinds of other things, including flavouring, to make super healthy drinks or meals. Or, they can be fed to other animals, like fish.
An added benefit is the maggots have a negative carbon footprint. They use up more carbon dioxide than is needed to feed them.
The maggots are being promoted as an ideal food source as the world’s population is expected to grow by another two billion people in the next 30 years. Protein from meat, veggie burgers and fish is expected to be in short supply.
Another benefit of soldier fly maggots is, they will eat just about anything, including garbage, food scraps, and sewage. Hmmm, what not to love?
This week, canola. Next week pulse crops like peas. Next month – black soldier flies.

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A new report out says sugar is bad for you. Really bad. Even worse that what it was before.
In fact, a lot of fruits are off the menu. As is soda pop. Chocolates. Candies of all kind that have sugar. Doughnuts. Carbohydrates that turn into sugar in your body. Like spuds, french fries and white rice. Beer. Of course, sugar in your coffee or tea is really bad.
The whole thing, according to the new report, is that sugar often leads to Alzheimers. It’s not a certain thing, but the numbers point in that direction. Make of it what you will. We’re still going to get our doughnut fix. And Ju Jubes!
All in all, this news, if true, is very depressing. Like the story goes, you might not live to be 90. But it sure is going to feel that way.

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Sometimes, one has to wonder if stuff like this is just a scheme to undercut companies like Tim Hortons or Dunkin’ Donuts. After all, who would be so nefarious?
Hello Fresh? Chick-Fil-A? Wendy’s? These days, one never knows.
If they can sneak in and do it to the oilsands and Alberta energy, why not go after a big doughnut store?

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“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” – Earl Wilson

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