Tantrum lands girl in trouble

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A girl who threw a temper tantrum after having her allowance cut was given a reprimand in High Prairie youth court Oct. 17.

The girl, who just turned 14, pleaded guilty to mischief damage to property under $5,000. Her name cannot be published under provisions in the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Crown prosecutor Petter Hurich told youth court the charge arose Aug. 27 at the White Buffalo Treatment Centre at Kinuso, where she resides.

“She was advised she would be getting a reduced allowance due to behavioural issues,” said Hurich. “She did not agree with that decision.”

The girl, then 13, proceeded to dump coffee grounds and potato chips onto the floor and in the carpet and started hitting staff.

“She was asked to clean up the mess,” said Hurich. “She smeared the coffee grounds into the carpet. She attempted to light [the carpet] on fire.”

Duty counsel Harry Jong spoke for the girl in youth court.

“She admits these things,” he said.

Hurich admitted the girl had a tantrum.

“It’s not very high on the serious scale.”

Jong said the girl just turned 14 and was in Grade 9. He added the girl was been a ward of the state since she was seven weeks old.

“She was mad and she acts out,” said Jong, adding the girl is taking anger management.

Youth court Judge D.R. Shynkar was sympathetic.

“There are lots of things in her life you have a right to be angry about,” he told the girl.

But he added she had to learn to deal with her anger properly.

The reprimand gives the girl no further criminal record.

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