Students use Lego to learn building

Allyson Potvin
Elly Belesky

Elly Belesky
Allyson Potvin
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This is Allyson and Elly with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

In Grade 2R, students have been working hard on adding five to any number and using strategies to figure them out. Students are getting faster and better at this each day.

Grade 3J students are learning about our Zones of Regulation, by examining our moods and learning strategies to help ourselves and others. We hope you have a “green” day!

Grade KC is very excited to be starting a unit on dinosaurs! A huge thank you to all the parents who helped with skating this year! It is greatly appreciated.

Grade 1B has been busy using our five senses to learn about the world and especially winter. Last week, students melted ice cubes. Did you know that water melts ice faster than either sugar or salt?

The Grade 4-5 class is learning all about simple machines and how things work by building with Lego and other materials.

The students in Grade 5C showed their school spirit last week by coming to school with wacky hair and hats. One student had her hair woven through a pop bottle so that it looked like her head was pouring hair. Another student looked like Cindy Who. Thanks goes out to all the parents who helped their children be so creative.

Grade 5C and the Grade 5 students from Lasha Sebo’s class have been working on their Electricity unit. They have learned about magnetic poles, electromagnets, simple circuits, series and parallel circuits and short circuits, plus so much more. This week they will be creating their own circuit boards.

Grade 4S has been skating at the Sports Palace during their Phys Ed class. In Social Studies, the students are exploring the story “Joe’s Big Surprise” to discover how dinosaurs were discovered. Math class has the students practicing their skills and processes for long division (two digit by one) to solve problems. In L.A. they are continuing to use their short films from literary shed to write an elaborated main event and review strong beginnings in narrative writing.

The students at HPE were very lucky to have “Community Guest Readers” last Friday, Jan. 25. Each class was visited by a special guest who took the time out of their day to read for a short time to the students from kindergarten to Grade 6.

Parents, please remember there is no school for students this coming Thursday as it is Semester Break Day, but there is school on Friday, Feb. 1.

Have a great week and check in with us out next week, to see what’s happening at HPE!

HPE Grade 4S student Evonir Auger and Corinne Goulet, who attended the school to teach students about pemmican.

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