Students have a blast at the ski hill

Trinity Seppola reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Trinity Seppola
Joussard Reporter

Greetings from Joussard School! This is Trinity Seppola bringing you our news again this week.

Our kindergarten students had a great time tubing at Little Smoky Ski Hill on Wednesday. It was so exciting to ride down the hill fast in the big red tubes. They are hoping to do this again sometime.

In Grade 1, the students had a great time celebrating 100 days of school. They did all kinds of activities using 10 objects to build 100. This was a very fun way to study how numbers can combine to make 100.

Our Grade 2-3 students reported lots of learning. They are learning all kinds of ways to stay healthy, like washing your hands with soap often. The students also informed me they had Jamie Chalifoux into their class to talk about First Nations treaties and how they are important to their communities. The students told me they are learning how to compose their own music and how musical notes are written on a staff. The kids also said they are learning about icebergs and writing reports about them. Lots of busy students for sure!

In Grade Four, our students continue to monitor their garden and keep track of its growth. They have some bean plants that are getting pretty tall now. The students also reported they are learning about wheels and levers in Science and are playing basketball in P.E. The Grade 4 students planned and ran a very successful carnival to raise funds for a field trip in the spring.

Students in Grade 5 had an absolutely fabulous time during their last Land-Based learning experience in Sucker Creek. They learned all about dog teams, how they were important to the Indigenous people and how they are operated. Some of the kids even got to drive a team. It was so exciting!

Our Grade 6 students reported a very successful fundraiser as they sold Little Caesar’s Pizza kits. This taught the students about money, organization and delivery processes. The students are raising money to host a wonderful graduation this spring.

That’s it for this week. Please check in with us next week.

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