Students enjoying well-deserved break

Tannah Campbell, left, and Alisha Giroux report the news this week from Joussard School. The next report will be published Jan. 16.

Tannah Campbell
Alisha Giroux
Joussard Reporters

Hello, this is Alisha Giroux and Tannah Campbell bringing you our news from Joussard School.

At the time of writing, we are on our last days before Christmas and everyone is looking forward to a nice long holiday! But, for now we’re still working and learning lots.

In kindergarten, the students reported they were busy making things – ornaments and gingerbread houses. This sounds like fun!

Our Grade 1 students had a great time as they joined in with kindergarten to build gingerbread houses. They also have been designing tree ornaments.

In Grade 2, our students were making snow in Science. In P.E., they played basketball and hockey. In Social Studies, they completed a word search about maps.

Students in Grade 3 have been doing research about India. In Science, they have been doing some experiments. These are always fun – and it was especially fun to make slime!

Our students in Grade 4 continue to learn from their composting project. Their worms have been busily breaking down newspaper and other substances put into their containers. The students in this class also reported that they are learning to type through their Typing Club.

In Grade 5, our students continue to learn about circuits in electricity. They certainly enjoy this unit in Science.

The Grade 6 students are brushing up on their recall of basic facts skills by doing Mad Minutes. This is helping them to be quick at coming up with answers to questions. They also reported that in Science they are now studying Air and Aerodynamics.

We had a wonderful Family Fun Night with lots of families having a great time at our ‘Minute to Win It’ tables. It was fun watching kids compete with their parents, especially when the kids won!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and checks in with our report next week.

Beaming kindergarten girl Layla Halcrow-Calliou, has lots of fun and lots of tastes, as she builds her gingerbread house.
Grade 2 teacher, Devon Tracey, demonstrates how to win one of the ‘Minute to Win It’ games during Joussard School’s Family Fun Night.

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