SPN website wins CCNA award

SPN Staff

South Peace News’ award-winning website has again caught the eyes of Canadian Community Newspapers Association judges.

For the second time in three years, southpeace news.com has placed in national judging for newspapers circulation up to 3,999. The website was judged to be second best in 2018; in 2016 the website placed third.

There are only three classes for newspaper websites across Canada. The Renfrew Review in Ontario placed first while the Fort Macleod Gazette in Alberta was third.

“It’s interesting only High Prairie and Fort Macleod newspapers placed, even though there are about 65 newspapers in Alberta, many far bigger than these two,” says website moderator Jeff Burgar.

The South Peace News website attracts between 40,000 and 50,000 visits per month, which is among the top viewership of most newspapers big and small in Alberta.

“We are working hard to expand those numbers and hope our advertisers will recognize the great value they get by advertising online and in print these days,” says Burgar.

“We hope people unfamiliar with the site, will take a look at our website as we strive to make it even better for our readers,” he adds.

As always, South Peace News welcomes any suggestions on improving the site.

South Peace News has now won 46 CCNA awards in its history, plus 45 Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association awards.

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