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One thought on “Earplugs an apt symbol for Kenney’s heedless leadership” [Page 6, July 3, 2019 South Peace News]

K. Bains posted July 5:
“The electorate is always right! The people of Alberta spoke loud and clear some four months ago. All areas of Alberta, with the exception of Edmonton, overwhelmingly voted for Jason Kenney and the UCP Party. But you, Tommy, aren’t having it. Just like your rants against democratically elected [U.S. President Donald] Trump, you know better than the electorate. I call it little boy contempt and beneath the dignity of an editor who lives in solidly UCP country. Contempt of the readers of this paper.”

One thought under General Comments section

Clarence on May 23 [regarding wildfire evacuees]:
“The Slave Lake mayor is all over the place welcoming people from the High Level fire. I wonder where the High Prairie mayor or the Big Lakes reeve are at? Maybe serving up food at a soup line for the displaced folk or emptying garbage pails? Nah. Too much to expect.”

One thought on “Feeble attempt to flee from police fails” [Page 18, May 22, 2019 South Peace News]

K. Bains posted May 22:
“Why don’t any of these impaired and abusive individuals not get a ‘curative discharge’ like Cpl. Anita Doktor of the RCMP got on the same charges?”

One thought on “Free, basic TV access still vital” [Page 22, May 6, 2019 South Peace News]

Allen posted May 21:
“I suggest people keep their Internet service and purchase an android box where you can add an iptv service provider to it for around $20 a month, and watch all the TV channels you want, it’s great! Amazon sells good android boxes.”

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