Spell-a-Thon raises more than $12,000 for HPE

Five students were the top overall winners who raised the most money in the HPE School Spell-a-Thon. Left-right, are first Sarah Cox (Grade 1B), fifth Keya Willier (Grade 4/5S), third Benjamin Jackman (Grade 2CL) and third Arianna Palisoc (Grade 1H). The second-place winner cannot be named due to FOIP.

Annual event another huge sucess

Richard Froese
South Peace News

High Prairie Elementary School students participated in a spell-a-thon with words assigned by children’s teachers.

The spelling test was given on April 3 and winners were announced and given prizes May 16.

All students take the test even if they choose not to participate in the spell-a-thon, says Tannisha MacKenzie, Grade 2 teacher, who co-ordinated the contest.

“This is an excellent opportunity for HPE to raise funds for our school,” she says.

“It is also a unique opportunity for students to participate in an academic-based fundraiser and become better spellers at the same time.”

More than $12,000 was raised by pledges, she says.

The funds allowed the school to host inline skating, Hoja music performance, Clay for Kids art and the Foothills Brass Band.

Following is a list of students who earned 100% in the spell-a-thon

Kindergarten C

Ahmed Mouallem, Armaan Khan, Aryanna Khan, Brandt Quartly, Braylee Auger, Brooklyn Ouderkirk, Chloey MacRoberts, Eric Delorme, Jaxson Holstrom and Shyne Carifelle.

Kindergarten R

Kamrynn Duquette, Adrienne Durnin, Blake Ernst, Serenity Gladue-Cardinal, Reid Herben, Lucas Kaus, Amelia Kemp, Megan Pfefferle, Jace Pilkey, AJ Smith and Addie Veniot.

Grade 1B

Sarah Cox, Sangaie Duwana, Athena Sander-Ferguson and Alaina Stecik.

Grade 1H

Lily Gordey, Evan Hicks, Ajay Noskiye, and Arianna Palisoc.

Grade 2CL

Joseph Belesky, Kalli Boisson, Alison Cox, Marcine Fabian, Madison Hunt, Benjamin Jackman, Samuel Neufeld, Maxim Payne, Dax Peters and Raeanne Sander-Ferguson.

Grade 2R

Abel Carifelle, Lucas Corbiere, Dutch Degner, Lexi Flett, Maddason Jaschke and McKenzie Patenaude-Richards.

Grade 3J

Cody Arams, Payton Caouette, Dystiny Cardinal-Bigstone, Oscar Courtorielle, Randy Coutoreille, Kelly Cunningham, Danica Doucette, Evan Douglas, Aaron Durnin, Ellie Herben, Niya Mouallem, Tyra Shantz and Nevaeh Willier.

Grade 3Z

Emily Belcourt, Brodee Ellwood Shewchuk, Emily Forget, Judeah Gilroy, Marquis Hunt, Kayle Payou-Young, Evanna Thunder Mitchell, Terwyn Willier and Kalliope Wong.

Grade 4D

Zakk Geneau and Darianna Willier.

Grade 4S

Evonie Auger, Keyla Kerr and Dhyey Vandra.

Grade 4/5S

Levi Bilyk, Katelyn Cox, Hayden Douglas, Marley Giroux, Alikae Schur-Auger, Alison Siegfries and Keya Willier.

Grade 5C

Abby Bilyk, Kashton Chalifoux, Davin Greene, Rosemarie Robinson, Madina Sharkawi and Ethan Warren-Currier.

Grade 5P

Jessa Chalifoux, Sara Hopps and Owen Roberts.

Grade 6L

Emileo Auger, Curtis Bigstone, Lexi Deschutter, Kyla Klingsch and Dreaden Richards.

Grade 6M

Navada Caouette, Allyson Potvin and Taggen Willier Patenaude.

Extra Prizes

First prize for the top fundraiser was four Teen Extreme movie passes at Park Theatre and a $50 gift card for The Boondocks Grill.
Second prize was six passes at High Prairie Regional Aquatic Centre and a $50 gift card for Pizza Hut.
Third prize was a $50 gift card for The Promo Store.
Fourth prize was a $30 gift card for H&S Dollar Store.
Fifth prize was a $25 gift card for Red Apple.

Arianna Palisoc won the top prize of a $400 gift card for Fantasyland in Edmonton in a random draw. To qualify, a student had to score 100 per cent or raise at least $50.

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