Saints, Titans win Rim Rocker hoops titles

The St. Andrew’s Saints captains accepted the Rim Rocker Tournament after their victory over Prairie River Junior High School in the final. Left-right are Madison Price, Kendyl Backs and Macey Shaw.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The St. Andrew’s Saints girl’s basketball team continues its winning ways.

The Saints won the girl’s title at the Prairie River Junior High School Rim Rocket Basketball Tournament Jan. 26-27.

The Saints were perfect winning six straight games.

In round-robin play, the Saints defeated the Prairie River Raiders 50-43, the PRJH Raptors 54-6, Donnelly G.P Vanier Vipers 34-22 and Peace-Wapiti Titans 37-36.

In the playoffs, the Saints defeated the Titans 41-21, then captured the title with a hard-fought 37-19 win over the Raiders. Ella Deering and Elle MacIntosh each scored 11 points in the win.

The Raiders were 4-0 in the tournament against the field, except 0-2 versus the Saints. In round-robin play, the Raiders defeated the Raptors 19-15, Vipers 32-26 and Titans 35-24. They won the semi-final 39-30 over the Vipers.

In boy’s action, the Titans were perfect winning six straight. In round-robin play, they defeated the Black Raiders 58-51, Red Raiders 74-25, Vipers 44-30 and Saints 72-31.

In the playoffs, the Titans defeated the Saints 58-31 before defeating the Black Raiders.

In round-robin play, the Black Raiders placed second with a 20-0 win over the Red Raiders, a 67-48 win over the Vipers, and a 70-32 win over the Saints. The Black Raiders defeated the Vipers in the semi-final.

Gamesheets in the tournament were lost and scores not available. In the final, the Titans led 25-4 after one quarter but the Black Raiders battled back to trail 31-30 at the half. In the end, the Black Raiders lost by about 10 points.

The St. Andrew’s Saints girl’s team won the Prairie River Junior High Rim Rocker Basketball Tournament Jan. 26-27. In the front laying down are Kendyl Backs, left, and Madison Price. In the middle row, left, right, are Elle MacIntosh, Jessica Gordon, and Abbie Cottingham. In the back row, left-right, are assistant coach Christian Collette, Sage Keay, Ella Deering, Finn Marko, Macey Shaw, Georgia Boerchers, Brooke Gauchier, and head coach Wade Deering.
The Prairie River Raiders girl’s team placed second at the Rim Rocker Basketball Tournament. In the front row, left-right, are Kura Stout, Naomi Strebchuk, Rachelle Lemay, Kelly Stewart, Danelle Gacuya and Sadee Cunningham. In the back row, left-right are assistant coach Alexa Doan, assistant coach Emma Anderson, head coach Noela Vandermeulen, Alyssa Gray, Jada Auger, assistant coach Jessie Johnson and assistant coach Ashlyn Cunningham. Missing is Erica Glanville.
The Prairie River Raiders boy’s team placed second in the Rim Rocker Tournament on Jan. 26-27. In the front row, left-right, are Daityn Bilyk, Nick Johansson, Josh Halverson, Aaron Tremblay and Taylor Noskiye. In the back row, left-right, are Ryan Martin, Dave Espina, Mondi Lascuna, Kieran Larson, and coach Kyle Schroeder.


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