Riverbend extension approved with conditions

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

High Prairie town council is proceeding cautiously on a request to extend the Riverbend Water Co-op system.

The proposal calls for the extension of the line southwest of town to provide water for 60 households and the Triangle Hall. Although the line is outside town boundaries, council must be consulted because they provide treated water to the line.

Public Works Supt. Vern Walker advised council that treating the extra water would have very little effect on the plant’s capacity.

However, he warned council of the potential for more acreages to be built, and more hookups.

“We’re trying to encourage people to build in town,” he said.

Later, Walker added the deciding factor for some people on whether or not to live in the county was access to treated water.

Mayor Linda Cox agreed, adding the water would also result in increased assessment to the county, and more tax money.

Council agreed unanimously to send a letter to Big Lakes Country agreeing to the extension request, but adding a clause that would require town council to approve any future hookups in addition to those proposed.

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