Rezoning for cabins denied

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A Faust resident will have to remove three cabins he recently moved to property in the hamlet.

The order came after Big Lakes County council turned down a rezoning request after a public hearing April 13 when second reading was defeated.

Council made the decision after a resident expressed concern that the proper procedure was not followed in the application to rezone the property to commercial residential district from hamlet residential.

“After hearing from residents, it puts us in a tough spot,” says Joussard Councillor Ed Podollan.
“We have to look at what we’re doing.”

The comments came in response to words from a resident about the procedure.

“This was imposed on us,” George Duchesne says. “The cabins were moved there without permission from the county; bylaws are for everyone.”

Another councillor voiced his support to residents concerned that a rezoning could start to change the landscape of the community, potentially with more campgrounds.

“If I lived there, I wouldn’t want a campground beside my place,” says deputy reeve Dave Marx.
“When you’re buying for hamlet residential, you buy it for hamlet residential.”

The applicant is frustrated.

“Doors for opening tourism have been closed by council’s decision,” says applicant Raul Paredes.

During the hearing, he clarified he planned to use the cabins to meet the demand for tourism accommodation.

“We’re trying to do something better for the community,” Paredes says. “It’s not going to be a campground.”

One resident spoke against the application.

“Having commercial lots situated in a residential area will result in more traffic, more people, and more noise,” says Shelly Gladue, who read a letter signed by herself, Steve Gladue and Bryan and Sandy Heroux.
“A commercial lot will drastically change the whole way of life for the area and open the door for many new commercial sites – a door that cannot be closed.”

Two others spoke in favour.

“I’ve heard a lot of people say that Faust is needing facilities like this,” says Bernie Faulkner.

The view was also shared by Wally Garrick.

The county received a letter of opposition signed by 10 residents, one letter of support with 20 signatures, and three separate letters of support from three individuals.

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