Response times slow, says county

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County wants police to speed up response times to calls.

At its regular meeting Feb. 26, council approved the top three issues for the coming year ending March 31, 2021.

Rural crime and response time was the top priority cited for High Prairie RCMP.

Reduction of drugs is the second priority and traffic safety for off-highway vehicles is the third priority.

S/Sgt. Warren Wright asked council by letter to list the top three policing priorities for the High Prairie and Faust detachments.

Council immediately focused on rural crime.

“I would like to stress rural crime,” High Prairie East – Banana Belt Councillor Don Charrois says.

Others agreed.

“Rural crime includes everybody in the whole region,” Grouard Councillor Fern Welch says.

Response time by police to calls was suggested by North Gilwood – Triangle Councillor Ken Matthews, who says it is a big concern.

“Sometimes it takes forever to get to wherever,” Matthews says.

“People do get frustrated.”

South Sunset House – Gilwood Councillor Ann Stewart agrees.

“I know some people don’t bother to phone the RCMP,” she says.

Last year, council set priorities for crime reduction initiatives for property crime and drugs and more visibility of officers in the community.

Wright says in his letter that priorities of the region will be addressed.

“To ensure the focus for our members and fairness to our entire jurisdiction, wherever possible, initiatives are developed by the local detachment that combine the priorities identified by all our communities,” Wright says.

Issues not considered in the top three policing priorities will still be monitored.

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