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PRJH Staff

Amy Gordon takes some bread from an oven during a recent class. A little butter and jam would be just perfect!

The past few weeks have been a bit out of the usual for not only us but students across the world.

The staff at Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie have been continually impressed by how our students have met the challenge of learning from home.

Even though we aren’t in school, we have held two spirit days: Crazy Hair Day and Hats on for Mental Health.

On April 30, we celebrated the hard work and dedication of our students with an online assembly. Each month we choose students who exemplify the character we want to see from our students: respectfulness, responsibility and reliability. Even while working from home, there are students who demonstrate this and this month our winners were: Noah Brewer [respectful], Derek Cote [responsibility] and Kaamal Sharkawi [Reliable].

Although we normally celebrate academic, artistic and athletic achievement this month we opened up our awards to accommodate some of the unusual learning opportunities our students have. This months Achievement awards went to Shayla Gray, Jun Jun Sharkawi and Damon Barber.

These students are definitely an inspiration!

We also wanted to recognize the amazing work of Prairie River parents and the people helping our student get work. In this challenging time your help to our students is appreciated.

We know that you are doing everything you can and thank you.

Over the past month our students have participated in weekly art contests, homework contests, literacy bingo, exercising at home, as well as fixing vehicles.

In the next month we will be looking forward to our annual talent show which will be going ahead on May 20 through video submissions by our students and we are excited to see the many talents of our students and staff.

Hats on for Mental Health occurred at Prairie River Junior High recently. Above, education assistant Frances Hyde adorned an interesting head topper

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