Prairie River students shine in school’s annual science fair

Prairie River Junior High School Science Fair winners were honoured with awards on Feb. 27. Left-right, are Liam Roberts, Abby Barton, third overall winner Mya Cardinal, overall winner Jessica Whalen, second overall winner Romie Emter and Connor McNabb.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Several students at Prairie River Junior High School will compete at the Peace Regional Science Fair next week.

Students at the High Prairie school were presented awards Feb. 27 for their school’s science fair Feb. 19 that featured 60 projects.

“Students showed a strong amount of passion for their work,” says science teacher Neil Pereira.

“Most students applied themselves and created great projects.”

Science teacher Keith Davidson and educational assistant Diana Bissell also organized the event.

“Judges made comments that our top projects were interesting and students showed quite an enthusiasm for their work,” Pereira says.

PRJH will send 11 students to the regional fair March 15-16 in Peace River.

“Scores were lower, which can have many different factors,” Periera says.

Most students who scored above 80 per cent will participate in the event.

Many projects were very intriguing.

Grade 8 student Michael Zallum bit into a project to find out how and why an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

“I heard the old saying and wanted to find out why apples are so beneficial,” Zallum says.

He discovered apples have great health benefits.

“I do feel confident saying an apple a day can improve your health, mood and ability to work,” Zallum says.

He found that out in the experiment.

“Everyone was focusing more and people claimed they remembered things a lot better.”

Music’s Affect on Memory was presented by Anna Nobert, Grade 8.

“Pop music could be the genre that helps certain people’s memory the most, depending on the person,” Nobert says.

She learned that music improves memory.

“It makes you have positive emotions and positive emotions help with memory.

“I learned that music psychologically affects people in different ways, depending on how that person feels.”

Zylo Badger wanted to find out whether playing video games increases blood pressure for children under nine years old.

“I found out that a young child’s blood moves slower than older children when playing video games,” says Badger, Grade 8.

“That’s good to know for younger children.

“You can control your rage and anger.”

PRJH Science Fair winners

Student            Grade        Project
1. Jessica Whalen  Grade 7      Botany Brawl
2. Romie Emter	   Grade 8      PH Growth
3. Mya Cardinal    Grade 8      Radiation in Our Home

Physical Science
Student         Grade     Project
1. Romie Emter  Grade 8   PH Growth
2. Mya Cardinal Grade 8   Radiation in Our Home
3. Abby Barton  Grade 9   Fish Toxins

Life Science
Student           Grade	    Project
1. Jessica Whalen Grade 7   Botany Brawl
2. Connor McNabb  Grade 8   Colour vs. Eye
3. Liam Roberts   Grade 8   Smoking and the Heart

Other Regional Qualifiers
[placed in Top 11]
7. Natalie Pratt
8. Katie Wooten
9. Ibitihaal Junaid
10. Taryn Barnes-Roberts
11. Dimitri Prince-Sawka

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