PICs – Repertoire dazzles during annual recital

The Pre-Novice 2 Ballet group performed Birthday Bash, choreographed by Angela Meunier. Left-right, are Georgia Halldorson, Angelene Richards, Cassidy Davies-Hunt, and Colbie Lamarche.

The High Prairie Repertoire Dance Society staged two recitals April 14-15 at the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre performing arts centre to wrap up the dance season. Dancers ranged from preschoolers to those in their upper teens. Many of the dances won awards at various festivals during the season.

The Novice 2 Jazz group performed Chicago, choreographed by Leah Krzysztan. Left-right, are Hannah Haas, Kelly Cox, Ashley Billings, Abby MacDougald, and Lexi Blachford.
The Pre-Novice 3B group performed Gypsy Life, choreographed by Brianna Panasiuk. Left-right, are Paris Cunningham, Abbie Cottingham, and Bethany Cunningham.
The Intermediate and Senior Ballet group performed Searching for Kindness, choreographed by Brianna Panasiuk. Left-right, are Hayley Cox, Madison Price, and Naomi Strebchuk.
Seanna Cardinal, top, is held up by Kura Stout in the Novice Acro group that performed Dollhouse, choreographed by Leah Kyzysztan.
The Novice Modern group performed Ring Around the Rosy, choreographed by Angela Meunier. Left-right, are Hanna MacDougald, Tessa Anderson-Noskey, and Lexi Blachford.
Grayce Keay, left, and Jessica Smith dance with the Senior Jazz group that performed Big Spender, choreographed by Leah Krzysztan.
The Junior Variety group performed Preview, choreographed by Angela Meunier. Left-right, are, Mackenna Lamarche, Mischa Deering, Abby MacDougald, Hannah Haas, and Addison Blachford.
The Novice Variety group performed Hungry, choreographed by Brogan Severson. Left-right, are Elise Ferguson, Mya Cardinal, Olivia Hopps, and Romie Emter.
The Novice Variety group performed Hungry, choreographed by Brogan Severson. Left bottom, is Ilona Drefs, with Olivia Hopps above, and Elise Ferguson, bottom right, with Mya Cardinal, above.
Jillian Boerchers, left, and Mischa Deering with The Novice 1 Ballet group, performed Gone to Dance with Angels. The dance was choreographed by Brianna Panasiuk.
The Pre-Beginner Ballet group performed Let Them be Little, choreographed by Brogan Severson. Left-right are Danica Doucette, Kalli Boisson, and Neveah Halcrow-Cunningham.
Abby MacDougald, middle, is raised by Alexa Prpich, left, and Malakae Sharkawi in the Junior Lyrical group that performed To This Day, choreographed by Angela Meunier.
Novice 1 Lyrical group performed People Help the People. In front, left-right, are Natalie Stewart and MunMun Sharkawi. In back, left-right, are Jada Auger-Courtoreille and Shaylah Payou.
The Pre-Novice 3 Ballet group performed Recess Battle, choreographed by Angela Meunier. in front, left-right, are Jaiden Barton, Morgan Jones, and Tessa Anderson-Noskey.
The Novice 2 Ballet group performed The Last Dance, choreographed by Brianna Panasiuk. Left-right, are Amara Drefs, Shaylah Payou [back middle], and Jennifer Barrons.
Keenan Price, left, and Seanna Cardinal take a selfie as they dance with the Junior Hip Hop group that performed Snaps, choreographed by Brogan Severson.

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