Piatrashka, Beauchamp top fishermen

Andrei Piatrashka, left, and Larry Beauchamp, centre, receive their $2,400 prize after placing first from Joussard Community Association president Richard Simard.

Joussard Community Association held its 26th Annual JCA Ice Fishing Tournament March 6 at Joussard on the shores of Lesser Slave Lake. This year, 79 two-person teams [158 anglers] participated with Andrei Pitrashka and Larry Beauchamp winning first place prize money of $2,400. Forty-one teams caught fish at the tournament. Anglers spent 1,106 hours fishing and caught fish measuring 31.9 meters. The numbers of fish caught were: 39 walleye, 18 northern pike, 16 burbot, seven perch and four whitefish.

26th Annual Joussard Ice Fishing Tournament Prize List

Category Winning person/Team

1st Place [$2,400]            Andrei Pitrashka & Larry Beauchamp
2nd Place [$1,600]            Tyson Billings & Lucas Billings
3rd Place [$800]            Lee Cunningham & Dylan Cunningham
4th Place [$400]            David Lamarche & Shae Odegaard
5th Place [$200]            Kevin Bellerose & Austin Thunder
Skunked Team            Vince Cunningham & Clayton Cunningham
Adult/Child Team            Ramsey Zallum & Samuel Zallum
Youngest Male Angler            Kozia Patenaude [4]
Youngest Female Angler        Colbe Lamarche [10]
Oldest Angler                Adam Charchuk [84]
Farthest traveled Team        Bernadine Mendowegan & Tanner Wesley [Ont.]
1st Measured Fish of Day        David Lamarche & Shae Odegaard
Hidden Length                Danny Delorme & Rhonda Blanchford
Longest Walleye [570 mm]        Danny Delorme & Rhonda Blanchford
Longest Northern Pike [935 mm]    Russ Cavanagh & Brad Mason
Longest Burbot [690 mm]        Adam Charchuk & Helmut Reschke
Longest Whitefish [445 mm]        Tyson Billings & Lucas Billings
Longest Perch [357 mm]        Bruce Cunningham & Jerrad Cunningham
Longest Fish of Day [935 mm]    Russ Cavanagh & Brad Mason
50/50 Draw [$1,400]            Vince Cunningham
Eskimo Tent Raffle            Tammy Kaleta

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