Off and running!

The map shows the electoral boundaries of the federal Peace River – Westlock riding for the federal election Oct. 21.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Voters go to the polls for a federal election Oct. 21.

The official campaign for the fixed election date started Sept. 11 after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped the writ.

Several candidates have been confirmed so far for the Peace River Westlock riding in an attempt to unseat the Liberal Party from power.

Incumbent MP Arnold Viersen of the Conservative Party will seek his second term.

Peter Nygaard of Joussard is running for the Green Party.

Leslie Penny is running for the Liberal Party while John Schrader of Westlock County represents the new People’s Party of Canada.

All four candidates are eager to raise their voice for the area in Ottawa.

“I am running again to ensure that northern Alberta has a homegrown voice standing up for the things we care about, including resource development, farming and firearms ownership,” says Viersen of Neerlandia.

“One thing is very clear, Alberta needs representatives who will be strong advocates in Ottawa for our way of life.”

He adds Canadians will have a clear choice between the Liberal plan to tax and spend or the Conservative plan to help Canadians get ahead.

Nygaard also promotes more jobs and a stronger economy.

“I want this riding to have an economically stable future despite environmental instability,” Nygaard says.

“Diversifying the economy in a sustainable way will help us secure our future in the changing global markets.”

Schrader wants wiser spending.

“We want smaller government, lower taxes, liberty and equality under the law,” Schrader says.

Cutting taxes is a big plank in the PPC platform.

“The difficulty arises from too much government revenue,” says Schrader.

“The Liberal government is pledging support to every special interest group it can find.”

All-candidates forums are being planned around the riding although dates and locations have not been confirmed.

Watch for more information on the candidates and the election in the South Peace News in print and online.

Viersen topped the polls in the last federal election in October 2015. He defeated New Democrat candidate Cameron Alexis, Christopher Brown of the Liberal Party, Green Party candidate Sabrina Levac and Libertarian candidate Jeremy Sergeew.

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