Mothers getting presents!

Grade 4/5S student Hannah Vance shows her painted pot and flowers for Mother’s Day.

Liam Bilyk
HPE Reporter

This is Liam with the High Prairie Elementary School news for this week’s South Peace News report.

This months goal in Grade 3J is to get caught doing acts of kindness. Students are brainstorming ways they can help others, the environment, and ourselves.

Grade 5C is looking forward to their Land-Based Learning this month. It is time for a trail ride to learn some history. The students are very excited.

In Math, Grade 4S is learning how to tell time from a digital and analog clock, recording the date in variety of ways. Students are also decorating flower pots with clay and paint, and transplanting flowers in Science and Art. During P.E. they are developing gymnastics routines and performing them for their class.

In L.A, Grade 4D students are writing descriptive paragraphs using strong vocabulary. In Math, they are learning about decimals. In Science, they are doing centres with light activities. In Social Studies, they are learning about the history of Alberta.

In Grade 5P, students are showing off their mapping skills, as they begin their new Social Studies unit that highlights Canada’s beautiful regions!

In HPE, we welcomed the PACE team to our school last week. Every class participated in two one-hour sessions about, “Who Do You Tell?” The program is about sexual abuse. The PACE team helped educate the students about what sexual abuse is, who to tell if it happens to a child and that it is never the child’s fault.

Before the sessions were presented to the students a teacher’s session and parents night were offered.

HPE students were honouring their mothers last week by creating many creative and loving gifts. Here are some of the activities:

* In Grade 4/5S the students painted beautiful flower pots and planted a flower for their moms.

* In Grade 5P, the students planted flowers in jars for their moms.

* In Grade 3J, the students created cards that had paper flowers open when they are put in water.

* In Grades 6M and 6L, students made wonderful bracelets for their moms.

Many more classes created many more things for their moms. We hope all the moms had a great day!

In Grade 5C, the students created great poems and abstract art paintings for their moms. The painting project would never have turned out so great if it wasn’t for the wonderful HPE artist Tammy Napier. It took many hours of practice and failed attempts until it worked out right. All of this was done on her own time.

Teacher Brenda Coulombe and her students were very lucky to have Napier’s help. Coulombe comes up with an idea and says, “So Tammy …” and Tammy magically makes it happen.

Grade 5C students and their teacher would like to send a big thanks to Tammy for her help!

Have a great week and check in with us after the break to see what’s happening at HPE!

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