Many clubs keep HPE students busy

Katelyn Senkoe
Karina Munoz Salas

Karina Munoz Salas
Katelyn Senkoe
HPE Reporters

This is Karina and Katelyn with our High Prairie Elementary School news of the week, for the South Peace News report.

Grade 4S is skating on Jan. 27-28. Please make sure that your child has their skates and helmet at school that day.

In Social Studies, Grade 4S students are reading the text, Joe’s Big Surprise, to learn about paleontology and find how dinosaurs were first discovered in Alberta.

In Grade 2CL, they are continuing to practice their addition and subtraction skills. There are lots of games they are playing at home to improve their Math and have family fun. They have learned some card games and are hoping that maybe some family members can teach them to play cribbage. It’s a great game for families and friends!

In Grade 1B, students are painting snowmen and wrote snowmen stories. Their writing is really starting to develop! Grade 1B is also understanding addition and subtraction! Last week, they went skating twice to make up for the very cold weather we had.

Grades 4-6 students have been busy learning to play the recorder. They are earning belts just like in martial arts. Last week, they were testing for their white belts.

Students in Grade 6L are creating speeches on a topic they are interested in. The students will have to work to confidently present their speeches in front of the class.

Due to the cold weather, Professor Wow will be giving his Science demonstrations this week. The students are all very excited to see him again!

It may not be -40C anymore, but it is still winter. Help your child to make good choices and dress for winter. Hoodies will not keep your child warm outside for 20 minutes or for the walk to the skating arena. They may find themselves being left behind if they are not dressed for Alberta winters. Safety first!

Handgames is happening every Wednesday with teacher, Brenda Coulombe and vice principal, Spencer Smith. They are looking to create a HPE Handgames team again this year.

Coding Club is still happening with teacher, Crystal Stecik and vice principal, Spencer Smith every Tuesday and Thursday.

Basketball is also happening with teacher, Chris Langlois.

Soon, archery will be starting. Watch for the permission forms to come out.

We are a very busy school with lots to do, for students to get involved in!

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

Hali Auger, left, and Niya Mouallem from Grade 4S plant their seeds.

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  1. Just before you go on stage, you can try to memorize your speech one more time Also, as the article said, know what your topic is about. Make eye contact with your audience, but don’t focus on a particular person.


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