Man pays price for domestic assault

H.P. court docket
Jan. 13, 2020
Judge D.R. Shynkar

A Bigstone Cree Nation man will spend another week behind bars after abusing his former spouse.
William Francis Gladue, 44, was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to assault in High Prairie provincial court Jan. 13.
Gladue was credited for 24 days already served in custody as he appeared from Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre on CCTV.
Court heard the charge arose after High Prairie RCMP responded to domestic violence call on Dec. 29, 2019, Crown prosecutor Serge Eta Ndu said.
“He grabbed her by her hair,” Eta Ndu said.
“He punched her twice in the head.”
No injuries were reported.
Judge D.R. Shynkar accepted the joint submission from the Crown and duty counsel Derek Renzini.
“It’s domestic violence,” Shynkar said as he spoke to Gladue.
“It’s a recurring problem for you, people getting hurt.”
Gladue admits his behaviour.
“He takes responsibility for his actions,” Renzini said.
Gladue has since taken steps to control his temper including taking anger management courses.

– – – – – – –

Zachary R. Lushman, 28, of Enilda was sentenced to probation for three months after pleading guilty to mischief causing damage under $5,000.
The charge arose after Lushman tried to get into a home in Enilda with his common law wife inside on Sept. 5, 2019, Crown prosecutor Serge Eta Ndu said.
“He kicked the door and smashed the doorframe,” Eta Ndu testified.
As part of his punishment, Judge D.R. Shynkar ordered Lushman to donate $400 to the Sucker Creek Women’s Emergency Shelter before the end of the second month of his probation order.
“It was a domestic situation,” he noted, adding “Mr. Lushman’s tools were inside the house.”
Earlier, court heard Lushman wanted only to access his tools.
Lushman has since taken steps to repair the doorframe, duty counsel Derek Renzini said.
“He lost his temper after he was not allowed to retrieve his tools.”
The Crown added the victim reported the incident to High Prairie RCMP, who responded.
Judge Shynkar accepted the joint submission from duty counsel and Crown during sentencing.

– – – – – – –

Clinton Dale Willier, 48, of Sucker Creek was fined $900 after pleading guilty to uttering death threats and $100 for failing to comply with a probation order.
Court heard Willier threatened a Lakeshore Regional Police Service officer called to a disturbance at a Sucker Creek residence June 26, 2019, Crown prosecutor Serge Eta Ndu said.
“He said ‘I will beat the [s**t] out of you’,” the Crown alleged.
Willier was intoxicated and high on cocaine at the time, said lawyer Harry Jong, who spoke for Willier in court.
“He regrets what he said to the police officer.”
Willier admitted his actions, although he can’t remember anything that happened.
“I’m guilty, I was under the influence,” Willier said.
Since that incident, he has taken treatment and counselling, Jong told court.
Willier has also been sober and clean for 90 days.
To make matters worse, Willier was on probation at the time of the incident.

– – – – – – –

James Fabian Willier was sentenced to probation for six months after pleading guilty to careless use of a firearm.
Lakeshore Regional Police Service responded to a call of a gunshot fired in a Sucker Creek residence Nov. 17, 2019, Crown prosecutor Serge Eta Ndu said.
“A gunshot was [fired] at the ceiling to get someone’s attention,” Judge D.R. Shynkar confirmed after hearing submissions.
Willier spoke about the incident in court without counsel.
“It was never pointed at anyone,” Willier said.
“I fired my rifle off; I just wanted to be left alone. A lot of emotions got out of hand.”
He explained he experienced numerous traumatic times during the past year.
Since the incident, he has taken steps to deal with his emotions, including numerous sessions of counseling.
“I should have got help long ago,” Willier admitted.

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