Man in limbo as court decides fate

Chris Clegg
South Peace News
To stand trial or not to stand trial?

It was a question debated amongst the judge and a lawyer in High Prairie provincial court Oct. 17.

A local man appeared charged with sexual assault. A mental assessment report indicated the man was not fit to stand trial. However, another part of the report cited the man could be “trained” and later be fit for trial.

It caused a problem for provincial court Judge D.R. Shynkar.

“The problem is we have an expert who says he is not fit to stand trial but he might be,” said the judge, adding the statements appear contradictory.

In other words, it was difficult for him to accept one part of the report and not the other.

The matter was put over to Oct. 31, to allow more time to study the matter.

Given the nature of the charge and the question of the man’s mental capacity, his name will not be published.

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