Letter to the editor: Big Lakes County’s decision to open private campsites ‘totally irresponsible’

RE: Closure of private campsites

The medical officer of health for the Province of Alberta, I should point out directly, has said stay home. Not stay home if your home is 20 km from the lake or 200 km.

In my experience the visitors from Joussard are not from 20 km away. There is a large contingent coming from Grande Prairie, from McLennan and Falher areas, Edmonton and St. Albert; so the risk of spreading the virus at campsites this summer is substantial.

All of us like to holiday and all of us like to party, but it is totally irresponsible of Big Lakes County to allow the opening of private campsites when the Province is quite adamant about shutting theirs down.

Dr. Robin Laughlin,

High Prairie. 

Editor’s note: The letter will appear in our print edition May 13. Also, the government is opening provincial campsites as of May 1 under restrictions.

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3 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Big Lakes County’s decision to open private campsites ‘totally irresponsible’

  1. At what point does a complete & thorough province-wide economic failure become as important as the virus? A well thought out relaunch strategy in Alberta makes a lot of sense as businesses slowly operate as best they can in a new normal. Certainly, not all camping involves partying with neighbours. Many are just there to enjoy nature & wildlife viewing opportunities. Sitting around a campfire eating s’mores with your family surely isn’t as potentially dangerous as visiting your dentist for example. The important thing is to physically distance, wash hands to the point of excessiveness. People that feel ill should immediately be self-isolating at home obviously. Alberta has been relatively successful after implementing these policies & there’s no logical reason that this can’t continue in a campground.

    1. At what point does making a dollar become more valuable then a human life?!
      Also, there is a season wide fire ban..no campfires please. We dont want OUR volunteer firefighters having to endanger themselves further for folks that should be at home.

      1. You make the legitimate earning of dollars come across as something lesser than a noble venture. The province knows the value of a sound economy & that is why so many businesses will soon be reopening albeit under the new “normal” conditions. Alberta’s 13 % unemployment rate is unsustainable & obviously costing the Canadian taxpayer dearly. A near 250 billion dollar federal deficit is expected this year. I believe we were on pace for a 13 billion dollar deficit prior to the Coronavirus coming along. The prospect of paying down that deficit is foreboding at best. The sooner we can get Alberta’s workforce back to work under safe conditions the better off we will all collectively be. The part that many people misunderstand is that getting back to work can be done under as safe conditions as can be under the circumstances.

        There is a current fire ban in the Joussard area & in many other places within the province. Nobody expects that to last the full season.

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