Letter – Nothing worth messing with

Temple Grandin is, to me, one of most important figures of our time.

Ninety per cent of the slaughterhouses in the States were designed by her and she is a tireless advocate for people with autism. Why you may ask? Because she is autistic herself.

In 1947, she came along at a time when autism was also referred to as childhood schizophrenia. She did not speak until she was four, and may never have gotten anywhere if it hadn’t been for the love and persistence of her mother.

Temple grew up and while she had her problems she also had the good fortune to be in an environment that played to her strengths. She became a professor, writer, lecturer and all-round wonderful person. I have read her books, watched the movie about her life, and watched her Ted Talks.

Then I wore up this morning to the announcement that they are going to dump tens of thousands of gallons of radioactive water in the ocean. Grandin actually mentioned the Fukushima accident in one of her talks. She took one look at the ruined control room and made her case for having autistic people on every design team. The problem that eventually blew the place up was obvious to her but not the design team. The power panels were low on the wall and there was no sea wall to keep the place from getting swamped.

But she was being far too reasonable. Seawalls just aren’t enough.

Nuclear power of any kind is just too dangerous for anyone to mess with. Vladimir Putin’s people got blown into the sea and they are trying to cover up just how much radiation was created by an accident when they were playing with a new missile with a regular warhead and a nuclear rocket.

North Korea had an accident that killed some of their scientists, and while America is not known to have had a serious accident in the last calendar year, they have had quite a few. They have actually had nuclear accidents that resulted in detonation on their own soil, as well as dumped warheads when the planes they were being carried in developed problems. They never did recover some of them.

This has to stop. I am not even going to bother listing all the accidents like Three Island and Chernoybl.

The scientists are happily telling us that dumping all that radioactive water in the ocean will dilute it. We have to remember all the junk from Japan washes up on our West Coast. There are already people who won’t eat seaweed from the West Coast and some companies are testing their products for contamination.

The people who like to play with these glow in the dark toys just don’t know enough about what they are doing yet. They just like inventing stuff. They don’t know when to stop either. merican researchers actually invented a nuclear hand grenade … how is your throwing arm?

And if a situation absolutely demands nuclear power to survive it needs a lot more rules than they currently have.

This will get a lot of Kennyists up in arms. The cry across borders against red tape is a dreamy dumb hope that things be simpler so that people don’t have to follow rules and as Sam Seder says, an attempt to push as many of the costs of their doing business onto someone else. Good luck but while you are figuring out how to do that everyone else is, too. No rules has worked real well for the Trump administration.

I remember reading in a paper that a young person in a detox center had drank a bunch of antifreeze and died. The gist of the article was that people needed training to work in these places and they do. It would seem that they also need a lot of training about what substances should even be in a building where people might really want a drink.

If that doesn’t touch on your life what about building codes? Do you think that your home should at least have 2×4 studs on 16 in centres? Does the idea of an honest mechanic really appeal to you?

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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