Letter – How long will Albertans put up with Premier Kenney?

South Peace News’ editorial page giant managed to catch me off guard.

I’m not sure how to line up the Rogues’ gallery of issues he managed to pack into one piece.

So, here goes!

American President Donald Trump is not a good person, that bus left the station 40 or 50 years ago. I formed a negative impression of a swaggering [ass] whose treatment of his wives was awful, and his business sense lacklustre. The Mueller investigation didn’t let him off the hook. It listed at least 10 incidents where he obstructed justice.

However, there is a Department of Justice policy that they can’t charge a sitting president.

The impeachment isn’t about the kind of person he is, it’s about what he did.

Now, the idea that the Democrats are crazy. Yeah, they are, for putting up with the Republicans who are not afraid to waste the government’s time or money. They had no fewer than seven Benghazi investigations. Hillary Clinton was cleared of all wrong doing each time, but she showed up and cooperated every time. One Republican hero admitted it was to wear down her creditability.

They blocked Barack Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court and now Trump is loading up the courts with the likes of Brett Kavanaugh. The Republicans have devolved into a bunch of louts who have no dignity or principals.

Wondering how long Albertans will put up with Premier Jason Kenney? As far as I know we are stuck with him and his slash and burn brand of governance which it is estimated will reduce Alberta’s gross domestic product by as much as five per cent. Voter’s remorse may set in sooner than later thanks to his bold vision of cutbacks for us [7,000 civil servants by 2023] and chartered airplanes for him.

Kenney should be advised that just because he may have been bought by a billionaire doesn’t mean he gets to live like one on taxpayer’s dime.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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