Letter – Hear the voice of Suits and Boots

For too long, the working people of Alberta’s resource towns like High Prairie haven’t had a real voice in the political decisions directly affecting their lives, and livelihoods – about pipeline projects, new mines, forestry tenures.

That’s not only a tragedy for High Prairie, it’s a travesty for resource development across Canada.

Last spring, we launched Suits and Boots to change that.

Founded by six people in April, we have since grown to more than 3,200 people across Canada. ‘Suits’ in offices and ‘Boots’ out in the field alike doing the important work that makes Canada such a prosperous nation.

We have held rallies and flown banners over Parliament.

We have written senators asking them to kill the current version of Bill C-69 and send back to the House of Commons so this flawed attempt at reworking Canada’s environmental assessment regulations can be re-done.

We have sat down with politicians in Ottawa to call for change.

We have been invited to the prime minister’s Office to hear our side of the story.

We have been constructive, offering solutions and ensuring the perspectives of resource sector working Canadians finally gain a voice.

We have an impact because you now have a voice. We have only been successful because 3,200 Canadians have signed on to get involved, writing letters to senators and MPs, showing up at events, and lending their support.

Bill C-69 will soon be going before the Senate environment and natural resources committee. The fate of Canada’s resource sector hangs in the balance.

Now is the time we need our voice. Now is the time for High Prairie and other resource towns across Canada stand up, be counted, and speak up.

We can help you do that. If you’re interested, visit suitsandboots.ca to read more, and make your voice heard in Ottawa.

Rick Peterson,
Suits and Boots

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