Letter – Facts should be checked before forming an opinion

I know a lot of people missed it because they would rather drink battery acid than watch CBC, but they should try.

Tuned into Power & Politics, I was treated to a sight that was only tangential to American President Donald Trump.

While everyone was treated to the experience of waiting to see if there was going to be a war, the presenter had a liberal, a conservative and an NDPer on. The conservatives defence critic is a clown by the name of James Bezan. And a clown he is!

For background, the last time the US got itself bogged down in a war it has yet to win Canada supported them until we pulled out in 2014. In that war we lost 254 soldiers, and several non-military personnel.

Then came the war after the war: 54 soldiers committed suicide, and the unmentioned cost to the people who came home all busted up in mind and body.

Was this tool concerned about the fate of our people? No!

He chose instead to spend his time dissing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because he hurt Trump’s feelings at the NATO Summit. Not mentioning, of course, that Trump starting dissing Trudeau years ago. When he disagreed with what one of the other guests was saying, he would shake his head, and laugh, generally acting a fool.

I know Conservatives don’t like Trudeau, and I am pretty sure Trudeau likes these new conservatives less than I. With the world on the brink of another war, and Canadian lives on the line, this asinine behaviour should not be happening.

It was later that evening that the penny dropped. The Conservatives are nasty amoral pigs to do it. The party of traditional family values are nasty little trolls in this manner but the science behind it has been proven. If you tell a lie often enough people come to accept it because they just keep hearing and hearing it and the poison sinks.

They have nothing new to offer so they stir up ship to distract us. They did it to Hilary Clinton in the States. People would say she was evil and when asked why could only shrug.

Same with Trudeau here now. Have I been brainwashed to hate Trump by my viewing choices. I kind of doubt it. I have always been an insomniac and 40 years ago I used to watch late night news shows of American origin because that is all there was. He made the news for various things and I decided he was not worth the effort and my opinion remains the same to this day.

Do I stick up for Trudeau because I watch the CBC? No. I was lukewarm about him when he burst on to the scene in a cloud to totally irrelevant adoration and now that it has turned I remain lukewarm.

Cambridge Analytica is the architect of this mind war and everyone throws down the principals of reasoned discourse and fall back on feelings. Sorry, but when Canadian lives hang in the balance feelings are the last thing we need to know about.

People like to get all righteous and uptight because they get off on the adrenalin rush. No one is hearing what anyone else has to say.

If you don’t agree with them they don’t want to hear the facts no matter how true they might be.

If they let it control their voting or their behaviour without bothering to check the facts the outcome is on them.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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