Letter – Confusing world of politics

It’s election time and I have a few things to say.

First, US President Donald Trump is an egregious human being, totally lacking in any true decency. He cares about two things: himself, money and a little bit Ivanka.

The new Attorney General William Barr has declared him ‘exonerated on all counts’; but, that is what he was hired to do. Before being hired he sent a memo to the then attorney general declaring Trump to be immune from prosecution because of his presidency.

Barr can say anything he wants until that report is released. It was set up to look only into the campaign for signs of collusion. Apparently didn’t find any, presumably because “The Boys” were too stupid and/or smart enough to lose the folder the Russian lawyer wanted to give them.

It didn’t have to go through those goofs. Trump’s daughter was vacationing with Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend at the time. Nobody made much of that.

For those who find it inexplicable that so many hate Trump there are a lot of good reasons. Not having the fortitude to keep an eye on the military and their special ops. Remember after that SEAL got killed back in the early days? Grabbing all those kids at the border? I don’t want to hear any sass about them being where they were. They approached a legal entry point and begged asylum as per American law.

These people, Trump wants to come down on mostly because they are helpless, can’t fight back. Some of those kids will never see their parents again and at least one died.

The Trump admin had no intention of ever giving them back and a White House official admitted they didn’t think anyone would care. People try to excuse him saying this was Jeff Session’s doing. But Trump is the leader, it’s up to him in the end.

Now for Venezuela and its connections to Alberta! Our dirty oil goes all the way to Corpus Christi, Texas where it meets and mingles with dirty Venezuelan oil in the Koch Brother refinery that can’t process the sweet stuff. Guess how much the Koch Brothers pay for Venezuelan oil? Nothing! I don’t think the cost of Alberta oil is going up anytime soon.

The Americans are pushing for a regime change there.

Here in Canada in 1961, President Kennedy sent one of his people north and the guy ran the Canadian election out of the US embassy’s basement. As per Kennedy’s wishes Lester Pearson was elected.

Why would he do that to us laid back Canadians? John Diefenbaker wouldn’t allow nuclear missiles into Canada.

There were people who thought we would benefit from the side effects of Trump’s booming economy. Do you think we should all sit back and wait for Trump’s crumbs and all those jobs he is creating?

Last summer I found a TYT Politics piece stating there was something wrong with the July jobs report. The number of jobs he may or may not be creating may sound awesome to a country with one tenth of the population of the US but it’s kind of wimpy there. Not to mention, many are not really good jobs – you now the kind that you can make a living at without working two of them.

Now for United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney. I read an article about him and Premier Rachel Notley. Kenney used to be with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. One thing Wendy Mesley [some of you may not know her, she is on the CBC] did allow was that he was ‘media savvy’. She made no statements about his intellect or his ideas.

I think he got his media chops from there. They have mastered the art of the soundbite. Say nothing but say it in a way that gets people’s backs up and fade into the background. Our government is getting rotten with them.

Now, I have nothing but respect for the old-fashioned conservatives: honest, hard-working people who live their ideals. These new guys are intellectually lazy and intend to rob the system blind with little peculations like double dipping.

If you are going to steal, steal big and get out of town. Don’t hang around like a Freedom Conservative trying to find other nipples.

I haven’t met UCP candidate Pat Rehn or saw him up there on TV so I can’t say much except that his running seems to be rooted in the assumption the oil companies are more important than anything else. They are important and I am not against it.

However, the timber industry and farming and any number of other industries are just as important, as are the social issues we face.

I have an idea that I have expressed before. We need to build every person in Alberta a house. This will pull massive amounts of our resources off the world market and away from tariffs. It will wean us all off a boom and bust economy. Building houses in every riding, every fair sized town year after year … it will free up tremendous amounts of cash that would go into mortgage payments, and be a boon to those people who can manage rent every month but can’t scrape together a down payment.

There would be a limit, of course, an average of the province. If you want it prettier go to a bank. If you already have one you would get the allowance to deduct from your mortgage.

The cost will take some fancy jigging but it will actually benefit every Albertan. Such a program can be tailored to so many needs and keep us from being held hostage to outside interests.

Am I a protectionist? I don’t see why taking down our national panties for Trump will do anyone any good.

And a last word on Kenny. I texted another Alberta resident about something he had done and the reply came back, “Kenny Who?”

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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