Let’s go fishing!

Family Day Weekend – no fishing license needed. Check fishing regulations however for sizes and limits.

Cody Bellerose (left) and Ross Cowell of High Prairie work on the ice at Joussard. “Fishing is slow,” the say, “But we just got here.”
Tim Marshall (left), Arras Marshall (seated) and Andrea Calahasen try their hands.
Ice shanties come in all shapes and sizes. Homemade. Adapted from other uses. Factory built. Over 100 are on the ice at one of the favourite spots at Joussard on Lesser Slave Lake.
That red hut is a portable. They come in all shapes and sizes. Set up in a two or three minutes and down almost as fast. Usually, built huts are semi-permanent on the ice. These portables can be moved easily, if one wants to look for a new spot.
There are rental units available at Joussard. This one from Jerry’s Store. Road Runner Cabins also has units.
There are two well-travelled locations to access the lake at Joussard. This one is straight off the church there. A few blocks west in the hamlet is another public access site.
If there is a lot of traffic and no snow for several days, even cars or vans can get out on the ice. But this is what the trails usually look like. And often worse if there is snow and wind.

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