Last month it was soapstone, now it’s clay

Marie Matula

Marie Matula
HPE Reporter

This is Marie with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

In Grade 3J, students have started their building unit by building perches. Teacher Penny Johansson says, “I can’t wait to see what we build next!”

Students in Grade 3Z learned about Ukrainian Christmas in Social Studies. They were fascinated by all of the interesting traditions, stories and food. In LA, they are writing about their New Year’s Resolutions and learning about alphabetizing words and how to properly use a dictionary.

In Social Studies, Grade 4S students are exploring geology, paleontology and Alberta’s physical geography through Joseph Tyrrell’s story. In Science, they are continuing to explore, build, demonstrate and explain simple machines like levers and drive systems. In LA, they are exploring our new read aloud story, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. They are also building their comprehension status through the story Proud as a Peacock Brave as a Lion, they will summarize the story.

In Grade 5P, students have started the new year by choosing a word to represent what they hope to achieve for themselves in this upcoming year. Some words that were chosen are: brave, kind, listener, patience and giving.

Grade 5C students finished carving and waxing their inuksuk soapstone carvings before the Christmas break. The students worked very hard and created wonderful pieces of art!

HPE students will be experiencing Clay for Kids on Jan. 10, 11, 15 and 16. Clay is one of the most effective art mediums for personal growth and exploring creative skills in children.

Clay and Fused Glass support visualization and self-discipline. Students create three dimensional projects and they must visualize how it can be assembled. They learn to follow step-by-step instructions and then carefully attach pieces so they remain intact during firing.

Since 1998 HOLJA has entertained millions of students across Canada with their music, humour, and audience participation demonstrating their “full brand” sound using just the human voice. The group takes a lot of pride in using their high appeal to be a powerful influence in students’ lives and they perform new songs.

Shoot for Your Dreams, is the highly entertaining presentation that enhances the students Arts curriculum, as HOLJA encourages students by example and through participation to get involved in Music and Drama. It includes a powerful message at the end as the singers relate heartfelt, personal stories, encouraging students to believe in themselves and teaching them three simple steps to achieve their dreams.

PJ Day was lots of fun last week! We saw lots of funny PJs and slippers.

The Grade 5 students are again headed to Land-Based Learning. This time around they are going to learn about Outdoor Survival. The teachers are really hoping that the weather is a little nicer than -30C!

Left-right are soapstone carvings created before Christmas by Grade 5C students Abby Bilyk, Crimson Ferguson and Ava Halcrow.

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