Larivee running for provincial position with nurses’ union

Danielle Larivee

Joe McWilliams
For the South Peace News

Former Lesser Slave Lake MLA is tossing her name into a different kind of election.

She’s running for the position of first vice-president of the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA).

“Times are looking to be pretty tough for public services unions,” Larivee says, explaining why she decided to run.

“I think we need a strong executive for all public sector unions.”

It won’t be an entirely new thing for the former minister of children’s services (among other cabinet jobs she had in the last provincial government).

She was president of the Slave Lake Local in the UNA, having worked many years as a public health nurse. That’s what she’s been doing again, since May of this year.

If she wins the UNA election, her nursing career would again be put on hold, because the vice president is a full-time, paid position in the union.

The campaign won’t be anything like a regular political one.

The voting is done at the union’s annual general meeting, which comes up this October.

Delegates of all the union locals will be there, and will vote for their favourites.

Larivee says until then, she’ll be reaching out to key people in the union locals, to let them know she’s running and to ask them what their concerns are.

Does she have any competition for the position?

“I’m expecting it to be contested,” she says.

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