Joussard School – Grade 6s learn local governance

Passion Gambler is Joussard School’s reporter for April.

Passion Gambler
Joussard Reporter
Hello, and welcome to my report from Joussard School. This has been a very busy week. I have wandered around, talking to people from each class to find out what has been happening.

In kindergarten, our students have been very busy learning about the final letter in the alphabet and what interesting words start with it. They have also been enjoying learning the Five Little Monkeys song for the assembly.

The kindergarten students were incredibly excited today as they dressed in cap and gowns for their kindergarten graduation photos. Before we know it, these students will be big Grade 1 kids!
vOur Grade 1 students report that they have been very busy in Math learning to add and subtract, and also how to make pyramids. They have been having so much lively fun practicing for the upcoming talent show.

Students in Grade 2 have been learning about food for health. They now know how to recognize what foods are actually good for their bodies.

In Grade 3, our students have been learning about different countries in the world. Some are pretty interesting and our kids might want to visit them someday.

Our Grade 4 students are finding their current study of First Nations people to be very interesting. The students are able to compare current First Nations’ culture with that from the past.

In Grade 5, our students continue to enjoy their experiments as they determine acids and bases in Science. In Math, they are learning about decimal numbers and how these are similar to fractions.

And in Grade Six, which is my grade, we learned a lot from a recent visitor, Rudy Willier. He is a trustee for High Prairie School Division and he visited us to teach us about how school board governance works. This was very interesting and we learned a lot that we didn’t know before.

Thanks for reading my report. Next week I’ll tell you all about our talent show.

Kindergarten student Farrah Thunder-Kozowy arrives ready for the photographer. How could you cover this splendour up with cap and gown?
It’s an exciting time of year – kindergarten grad photos! Teacher Kevin Lott helps with tie, cap and gown so that Bentley Laboucan is officially ready for the photographer.

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