Joussard handgames team threepeats!

Lesley Brule’ reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Lesley Brule’
Joussard Reporter

Hi, this is Lesley Brule’ once again, bringing you our news from Joussard School.

Our kindergarten students have been busy doing what kids all over the world are doing at this time and that is, colouring eggs! Everyone carefully brought eggs from home, cradling them gently as they got off the bus, so that they wouldn’t break before being coloured. It all worked and they have some beautiful, colourful eggs!

In Grade 1, our students have been very busy learning about narrative writing. This is difficult for little children to learn, but they are doing it. We are proud of them! On an easier note, they reported they made bouncy bunnies in Art.

Students in Grade 2 have been learning all about baseball in P.E. This is certainly the time of year for this sport. In Social Studies, the students have been learning all about Nova Scotia. In Health, they have been learning more about being kind to each other and avoiding any bullying behaviour.

Our students in Grade 3 are drawing and decorating eggs. In Social Studies, they are learning about Peru and in Health they are learning all about respecting themselves and other people. They have learned that the buffalo represents respect and is very important in the Cree culture.

In Grade 4, our students reported they have been learning division in Math. Something a bit more fun than division is playing hockey in P.E.

The Grade 5 class is off to their land-based learning experience again tomorrow. They will be learning all about picking medicine plants and harvesting birch syrup. This should be very valuable learning.

Our Grade 6 class is so very proud of their 10 classmates who make up our handgames team. The team was a bit nervous to start with at the Divisional Tournament in High Prairie, but quickly regained their confidence and ended up winners! Now they are all excited for the powwow in High Prairie on May 4 where they get to compete again.

Thanks for reading my reports. We’ll have a new reporter for May next week.

Joussard School’s handgames team competed at Divisionals in High Prairie April 17. In the front row, left-right, are Damiana Willier, Wapastim Isadore-Bellerose, Nevaeh Prince, and Jewel Burlock. In the middle row, left-right, are Olivia Bellerose, Hunter Laboucan, Lorne Prince-Ladouceur, Terrance Okemow, and Sean Cagro. In the back row, left-right, are Kurtis Cardinal, and coaches Julia Sander, Meghan Adams, and Kienan Wilson.
Kindergarten student, Mary-annah Ward, is definitely enjoying colouring eggs for Easter.

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