Joussard Grade 3s using computers to make flutes

Kendra Cunningham reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Kendra Cunningham
Joussard Reporter

Hello again from Joussard School. This is Kendra Cunningham bringing you our news.

Everyone in our school was excited and looking forward to Halloween. There were lots of discussions about costumes.

Our kindergarten students did a fabulous job of hosting our October awards assembly. The little kids sang a song about Halloween for everyone and even though they were kind of shy, they did a great job!

The Grade 1 students reported they are playing Capture the Flag in their Phys. Ed. classes. They are having so much fun with this. They were also excited about the Halloween Parade in the school and going trick or treating.

Students in Grade 2 have been so busy learning all kinds of things in L.A. and Math. They reported they have been learning to skip count by twos, fives and tens. They are also playing Capture the Flag in P.E.

Our Grade 3 students informed me they are becoming authors of scary stories. This must be in connection to Halloween! In Math, they are learning about polygons and in Art, they are creating self portraits.

The most exciting news from Grade 3 is they have used their computers and a fabulous program to design and produce pan flutes using our 3-D printer. This is amazing!

In Grade 4, our students let me know they have been making pumpkins in Art – ‘tis that time of year for sure! They students also are proud of the crowns they made with descriptions of themselves on them for their lockers. In Social Studies, the students have been learning about Aboriginal soldiers who served our country.

Students in Grade 5 have been busy learning about equivalent fractions in Math and magnetism in Science. They are very proud of the Art Gallery they have created with their paintings. It is very interesting to read the information about the artists that accompany each painting.

And, our Grade 6 students continue to build up their physical skills as they work through fitness stations in P.E. The students have also been working on Science projects. Next week’s reporter will find out more about these projects.

Thanks for reading my reports. I enjoyed being a reporter for SPN!

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