Inspirational thoughts on grief

High Prairie & District Palliative Care Society

Debra Isert,
Palliative Care Coordinator, [780] 523-6438.

* People are forever changed by the experience of grief in their lives. We, as humans, do not ‘get over’ our grief, but work to reconcile ourselves to living with it. Anyone who attempts to prescribe a specific time frame for the experience only creates another barrier to the healing process. [Alan Wolfelt]

* Life must be lived forward; but can only be understood backwards. [Soren Kierkegaard]

* Some wounds do not heal, even given an eternity. The scars they leave are permanent and can only be woven into the fabric of one’s life. [Bernice Rubens]

* Heartbreak is life educating us. [George B. Shaw]

* “Time heals” many people say. It may. It may help to dull your pain. But the medicine of time, taken by itself, is not sure. Time is neutral. What helps is what you do with time. [Earl A. Grollman]

* There are times when you hurt so much you become certain that the pain will never pass. But it does…sometimes because of your efforts, sometimes in spite of them, but eventually it does get better. So hold on to hope and know that tomorrow will come and you will feel better. [Sue Mitchell]

* Cry when you want to. Laugh when you can. [Unknown]

* To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. [Unknown]

* Memories are yesterday’s gifts to the heart. [Unknown]

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